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Keep on Shining

fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans-10When you yourself are feeling kinda lacklustre, sometimes the only thing to be done is wear something shiny, spangly or in this case, wipe clean.

Clothes are funny old things aren’t they, the way they can dictate our moods and how we see ourselves. Forget what other people think; so much of our clothes is about positioning ourselves. Numerous things in my life lately have amounted to me realising that what you put yourself in really makes you feel good and how you treat yourself on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your everyday. I’ve spent a lot of the last few years working at home in leggings, elasticated tracksuit bottoms, hoodies, t-shirts and general comfier than comfy attire. I was always that person that immediately changed out of school uniform as soon as I got home and that habit seems to have stuck with me. While I thought I loved nothing more than being able to work solidly in anything resembling PJs, I’ve realised that in so many nuanced ways this has had a bit of a detrimental effect on my day-to-day mood and productivity.

Someone once said to me when I started working for myself that you should always get dressed and put your shoes on to work from home. I loved this advice but will concede, I never ever headed it. Until now… I’m not throwing my hefty drawer of down-and-out loungewear away just yet but I know that for my own self-esteem and confidence, sometimes you need to get up, get in the shower and put on something a little less comfortable form time to time. If only so you yourself feel like the person you really are outside of your home office bubble.

fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans-4 fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans-3 fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans-12 fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans-11 fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans-7 fmn_lucy-williams-mango-bash-gucci-vans

Skirt | Mango 
T-shirt | Ba&sh (in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Trainers | Vans
Blazer | Mango 
Bag | Gucci 
Sunglasses | Rayban 

Ph. by Frances Davison