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How To Do Velvet


There’s no escaping velvet this season and I for one am thrilled about it.

I love the decadence, the slinkiness and the general OTTiness of it. My favourite shade this season is this spicy, shimmering mustard colour that seems to be everywhere. So how to wear it without looking like a throwback to The Craft or an Elizabethan madam?

The first and easiest way is the mannish blazer. I like mine served lowkey with tee, jeans, boots and little else. Velvet in itself is a statement and needs very little to make an impact. Keep it casual and chucked on rather than contrived and perfectly pulled together (story of my life pretty much). Seeing as velvet is such a ‘trend’ piece (although I love it every winter to be honest), I kept both these pieces high street and thus not a massive dent on the bank balance but an easy way to dip your toe into this shiny, Dijony goodness.

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Next up is the velvet dress. This one is crushed which I know will have some people on the fence but I freaking love it. I’d wear it without the jumper for winter weddings and parties, but for the sake of wearing it out in your natural habitat or on a regular weekend, I put the poloneck under it. If in doubt, put it over a black turtle neck or a white tee is a good rule of thumb for fancy frocks like this. Sub in heels for the boots if you’re going out out as Mickey Flanagan would say and throw on a long overcoat if you want to keep your velvety self under wraps on public transport.

And voila, two super simple ways to tackle velvet without feeling like a Christmas bauble or Mrs Claus in October.

fmn_lucy-williams-how-to-do-velvet-23 fmn_lucy-williams-how-to-do-velvet-28 fmn_lucy-williams-how-to-do-velvet-29 fmn_lucy-williams-how-to-do-velvet-25 fmn_lucy-williams-how-to-do-velvet-27 fmn_lucy-williams-how-to-do-velvet-26

Velvet blazer | Mango
T-shirt | Velvet tees 
Jeans | Redone 
Black boots | Mango 
Bag | JW Anderson
Velvet dress | Urban Outfitters 
Red boots | Filippa K 
Black bag | Gucci 
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Watch | Larsson & Jennings 
Bracelets | Lucy Williams x Missoma 
Sunglasses | Rayban