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Written in the Stars


There are two types of people in this world. Those who read horoscopes and those who don’t… Can you guess which camp I fall in?

Yep it’s no secret I love pretty much anything related to the Stars. My Missoma jewellery collection might have been a bit of a give away for starters… I have a thing for star gazing, I’m a sucker for space movies and I know my moon sign, my sun sign and my rising sign pretty comprehensively. And being the true Aquarian that I am, obviously I had to have a custom tee made just to clarify to the world that’s exactly what I am. We’re annoying like that. Side note, you can get your own custom for only $50 from the awesome Bratty Enterprises… I have my eye on their ‘Locals Only’ next.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has a thing for the Cosmos right now either… I’m not normally one for fancy shoes or glitter (probs a given by now), but I kind of had to have these Valentino beauties. Sparkly yes, but I like to think they align with non-sparkly me once teamed with frayed jeans and a white tee (a sure fire way make anything a bit out there work in my mind). But to put it simply, its kind of great to look down on stars as well as up at them…

But maybe that’s just the Aquarius in me talking again.

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Jeans | GRLFRND at Revolve
Shoes | Valentino 
T-shirt | Bratty Enterprises 
Bag | Gucci 
Watch | Larsson & Jennings 
Sunglasses | Celine 

Ph. by Frances Davison