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Confessions of a Boot Hoarder


A recent house move has meant a lot of clearing, decluttering and generally employing the ethos of tidying guru Marie Kondo and thinking ‘does this give me joy’ every time you hold something and finding it a better home if it in fact doesn’t. I’ve tried to become ruthless and unfeeling in a bid to curb my hoarding habits and prolong the honeymoon period in my new home before, once again, I start bemoaning the lack of space/the cost of square footage in London and become that person no one wants to sit next to at a wedding thanks to my estate agent chat.

I’ve vacuum-packed my summer dresses and swimwear (for a few weeks at least) and tried to get to grips with what I love, what I need more of and what I need less of. However, my attitude to these things isn’t the usual. In fact, I’m a big believer that just because you have lots of something, doesn’t mean you don’t need anymore… We’re creatures of habit after all, and if it ain’t broke a part of me thinks why fix it? For example, as soon as Autumn arrives I start eyeing up big jumpers and great boots but given that’s what I feel most ‘me’ in and pretty much live in for 6 months of the year, they are firmly in my ‘always room for one more’ category. However I only really need a handful of black tie dresses and beautiful high heeled sandals seeing as it’s a rare, special occasion that sees me in that get up. Although I’ll concede it’s always nice catching glimpses of slinkiness or something long and lurexy in your wardrobe from time to time, especially if they remind you of late nights/early mornings…

My one effort to add effectively rather than just mindlessly following my natural inclination towards black, is thinking outside the box when it comes to boots. First it was these, and most recently it’s these brocade beauties I picked up from Aldo (yep, really) via Zalando. The ideal remedy to a room (yes, room) full of black boots, they’re rich, shiny and a little bit too much. In a nut shell, the ideal condiment to my grey/black preferences. This is lazy dressing at its best; look-at-me boots that require only the simplest of neutrals on top.

My hoarding habit might still need some work, but the boot collection is doing very well as result of it. I think that’s what you call a silver lining…


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Jumper | Zalando
Jeans | Paige
Boots | Zalando
Earrings | Zalando
Bag | JW Anderson
Sunglasses | Celine
Watch | Larsson & Jennings 
Large ring | Pilgrim 

Ph. by Frances Davison