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Let Your Skirt Do The Talking


I mentioned my new season thing for patent leather in my most recent Q&A and figured it was time to put my money where my mouth was and embrace the plastic fantastic 80s staple.

After living in my denim mini all summer long, I needed an update for Autumn and went on the hunt for a good wet-look skirt to be just that. This is the kind of trend-led thing that I immediately turn to the high street for, and Topshop thankfully read my mind and had one ripe for the picking.  I’m conscious of not being that fast fashion victim and not shopping non-stop, but we all need the odd injection of something a little more interesting without breaking the bank from time to time, especially at the start of the season, and once I found the skirt online, the boots and the jumper found themselves in my basket in close succession. I don’t normally buy whole outfits at a time but when these arrived I realised they all just kind of worked together and while the boots and skirt might be of the extrovert variety, they work because they’re basically updated tweaks on my year-round wardrobe staples.

So let’s talk about this whole patent thing. A little scary at first maybe, at best drawing to mind Julia Robert’s thigh-high broken boots in Pretty Woman and Madonna’s 80s hay day, at worst the seedier  corners of a Soho sex shop. But I really, really love this finish right now, especially when teamed with a fine check or tartan coat once it gets colder. Or imagine it with a really chunky, thick black or grey polo neck jumper too. It definitely requires guts to strut in this but a few keys things to make it easier are as follows; size-up (you want it almost A-line and not too short), don’t wear with sky-high heels and keep your top half covered and cosy.

As someone who normally prefers to blend in that stand out, I for one can vouch it’s actually pretty fun to let your skirt do the talking for once.

Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-5 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-11 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-13 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-17 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-20 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-9 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-12 Lucy-Williams-Topshop-Let-Your-Skirt-Do-The-Talking-4Skirt 


Ph. by Frances Davison