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Magic in Samburu


Another day, another amazing day on safari at Sasaab

The highlight of our second day in Samburu had to be seeing not one, not two but FOUR cheetahs, a mother and her three cubs, hanging out together. Just looking at these guys, you can tell they can move quickly. They just look like athletes prowling around with their big shoulder blades and long legs. Still yet to see one run but it’s always good to have something left on that bucket list… And I never tired of giraffes and their generally hilarious expressions or suddenly seeing an enormous elephant ear through the trees.

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One of the real highlights of Sasaab are Rosie and Thorn, two of the sweetest little dikdiks that are just about tame enough to be fed bits of cabbage by hand. These teeny, tiny deer-like little creatures (with the noses of a tapier) were my favourite discovery of this trip. They’re not tame enough to stroke and are still totally wild but the temptation to try and smuggle one home in my suitcase was almost too much… They are just the sweetest little honeys probably ever. Liv and I got through about two cabbages with them which I think we were more happy about that they were.


fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-74 fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-77 fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-76

That evening, Sasaab planned something a little bit special for us. We headed down to the dry riverbank for a sunset camel ride as the shadows lengthened and the bush started to come to life with the baboons chattering and hyena whooping. We rode through the bush before scrambling around a huge rock to the moth of all look out points. With an incredible 360 view, I don’t think I’ve ever had a gin & tonic in a better spot. With nothing but untouched land as far as the eye can see, it was our very own Lion King moment…

From here we jumped in the waiting 4x4s and were taken off to a secret spot in the bush which had been transformed into a Kenyan-style Midsummer Night’s Dream soiree. Flickering candles, roaring camp fire and long tables complete with lanterns and directors chairs (and a bar and delicious BBQ)… Magical doesn’t even cover it.

fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-79 fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-78 fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-81


fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-82 fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-83 fashion-me-now-kenya-safari-travel-diary-85


What an incredible way to end our time in Samburu… Next up, the Masai Mara.

White shirt | Madewell
Denim Shorts | Levis
Trainers | Sezane
Stripe Trousers | Faithfull the Brand
White Top | Cecile Copenhagen
Sandals | Palmaira
Metal Sunglasses | Rayban
Tortoisehell Sunglasses | Toms



Ph. by myself and Liv Purvis