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Fall into Autumn


I’m forever torn between my desire to lie on a beach and my desire to curl up in a blanket and hibernate, but right now the latter seems to be winning… Autumn is upon us and I’m more than ready for the change.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a London heat wave as much as the next sweaty commuter, but when you can’t sit out in those rays and life admin has to take priority over endless barbecues, I’d really rather it be biker jacket weather to be quite honest. Winter is a totally different fish and my hatred for anything beyond January knows no bounds, but Autumn is a time I relish. Yes it’s basic to wax lyrical on the seasons but I’m English and that’s what we do so give me a minute to do just that. I love massive jumpers with short skirts, I love t-shirts with coats, I love sunglasses and scarves; basically I just love mixing together opposites for as long as the temperatures allow it. It requires the least thought but naturally amounts to the most amount of textures and still allows for a little bit of skin.Hence why this time of year is one of my favourites in London.

When I’m throwing stuff on for a normal, nondescript day at this time of year, this is my go-to. That jumper I’m obsessed with and don’t want to take off meets those espadrilles I got at the end of the summer and am not ready to give up yet, topped off with the new Tory Burch Gemini Shoulder bag (see, more star signs, even if it’s not my own) which is pretty much the ideal throw-on, cross body bag that goes with everything and seemingly fits everything in it too. And that’s pretty much me every day now until that cold snap in November when I’ll start moaning again then…

fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-8 fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-3 fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-5 fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-9 fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-7 fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-10 fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag fashion-me-now-tory-burch-gemini-bag-4

Jumper | MiH Jeans
Bag | Tory Burch
Skirt | Urban Outfitters
Espadrilles | Raye at Revolve
Sunglasses | Celine


Ph. by Frances Davison