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Die Trying


I’m not a natural totterer. I’ve been quoted before saying I feel just as ‘power woman’ in Vans as I do in 4 inch stilts but sometimes, only a heel will do. And so practise makes perfect as they say, and occasionally I feel the need to invest in a great pair that can lie in waiting for those invites and events that demand nothing less.

Kick flares have become my jeans of choice and they love classic Mary-Janes as much as I do. While I’ve been living in vintage denim, when it comes to meetings and well just about everything else, black will never be far from my grasp. If you’re going to invest in jeans, this is the kind of timeless, flattering, bum-lifting pair I’d put my plastic towards.

It’s a while since I’ve felt this pulled together. I love barefoot (or near enough) summer days but sometimes its good to remind yourself you haven’t totally lost sight of that part of you that isn’t a braless hippy come August. Hence a beautiful silk kimono top by my girl Marina with black denim and ankle-snapping pumps is a welcome reminder that I can wear something that doesn’t revolve around vintage denim and there are shoes beyond rope sandals. Although lets be honest, both of those are pretty damn good.

This beach bum isn’t hanging up her bikini anytime soon. She’ll just have a monochrome arsenal in her back pocket when needed.

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Top | Marina London
Jeans | J Brand
Shoes | Aquazurra 
Bag | JW Anderson

Ph. by Frances Davison