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Birkin Bag


There’s a new ‘It’ Birkin bag currently back on the scene and unlike its Hermes peer, this has a price tag we can all buy into and a carefree, ‘je ne sais quoi’ attitude.

Jane Birkin’s love of boxy, straw baskets have been immortalised thanks to the endless iconic images of her and Serge strolling around the South of France toting said basket, most of which as propping up my Pinterest page as we speak. My love of a good basket is nothing new, what is new is my love of them come rain and shine rather than relegating purely to holiday mode. There’s something innately whimsical about this particular incarnation based on Jane’s personal favourite, instantly conjuring images of blackberry picking, gingham table cloths and barefoot, braless days. It’s ability to add a dash of this nonchalant, market day-vibe to a regular London outfit is what I really love.

Handmade in the Algarve, there might not be a year-long waitlist for this particular kind of Birkin bag, but they do have infinitely more soul and dare I say it, feel good factor. Whether its the holiday-at-home aesthetic or just that slihglty giddy feeling of swinging it by your side, there’s something just inherently happy about this bag.

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Jacket | Belstaff 
Top | Cecilie Copenhagen 
Jeans | Redone
Sandals | Ancient Greek 
Basket | Blooming Dreamer 
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Earrings | Lucy Williams X Missoma (In aid of Wellbeing of Women)
Sunglasses | Celine 



Ph. by Frances Davison