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Beach Hoodie At Home


There was a time I was almost afraid of colour but I feel like I’m now coming out the other side and embracing the occasional dash of the sort of tones you’d find on a 70s crochet shawl or vintage wallpaper. Come winter, I’ll likely be falling back on my failsafe all-black, grey, khaki and brown but for now, I’m learning it’s actually kind of nice to look down on the odd stripe of colour in the summer.

I got this beachy hoodie a little while ago, anticipated throwing it on over a bikini a la Blake Lively in The Shallows (sidenote, I have the same earrings as Blake in the movie and don’t think I’ll ever look at them in the same way again). But when you’re confined to the U.K for the whole of August, that bikini quickly becomes a denim mini and indeed black kick flare jeans… Either way, its not the kind of thing I’d normally go for and I don’t really have an explanation for it other than I loved it and it felt like the ideal kind of end-of-day throw on for hot, salty skin and wet hair. Almost like a grown-up, good-looking version of those ugly towelling ponchos and Gap Kids fleeces our parents used to tug us into as kids. Sadly, we can all blame the crazily early fashion seasons for the fact this beauty had already sold out by the time I got round to wearing it (sorry about that), but I have found a whole load of similar hooded chameleons to have a flick through at the bottom of the post.

Barely-there sandals, a no-fuss satchel and khaki jacket (because this is England) make for a look that feels more Salvation Mountain than Notting Hill, which is always a happy coincidence in my mind.

Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-16 Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-5 Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-10 Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-6 Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-2 Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-14 Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-19Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_ Lucy-Williams-Beach-Hoodie-At-Home_-15

Hoodie | Tory Burch (selection of similar ones below)
Jacket | & Other Stories
Skirt | Redone
Bag | Michael Kors Collection
Sandals | Ancient Greek
Sunglasses | Celine at Bicester Village 
Rings | Lucy Williams X Missoma 



Ph. by Frances Davison