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Say Hello to the New FMN


Welcome to the shiny, new and improved Fashion Me Now.

Simple tweaks (but months in the making) to hopefully make reading and interacting easier and nicer. Up at the top and in the right hand column we’ve got a new interactive world map so you can easily search and explore travel posts to hopefully help inspire, plan future trips and hone in on a specific destination you’re interested in. Travel is one of my big loves in life so I’m happy it finally has it’s own dedicated home on here – just the sight of that map is fuelling even more wanderlust in me!

You can also shop my instagram by clicking on ‘Shop’ at the top or clicking on my feed in the right-hand column. Insta’s featuring product will all be linked up with the relevant stuff so you can shop directly. When I’m travelling it’s sometimes hard to keep on top of new content but I’m hoping this new page will be a simple way to keep you guys up-to-date with my wardrobe, reads, washbag and more. Of course there’s always snapchat for that too so do follow over there if you’re keen (lucywilliams02). But don’t worry I’ll still be posting on here the same amount as always!

We’ve made the text and images larger because, well, why not, and added a murky-pink accent colour to highlight links and anything clickable.

So there you have it. I hope you guys like the little tweaks and it’s a welcome change while still retaining the essence of what you already like about the site. A creature of habit, I hate it when blog’s have big, drastic changes when you’re so used to it so I’m hoping this is a happy medium. Thanks so much for reading, especially those of you that have been reading for a while or even a really, really long time, it means a lot so I hope you like the new site as much as I do.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-23 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-22 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-27 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-31 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-24 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-19 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-26 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-33Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-28

Tee | Brandy Melville
Jeans | Redone
Espadrilles | Castaner
Bag | Gucci
Sunglasses | Celine

Ph. by Frances Davison