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The Simple Life

After just getting back from a blissful week at my home from home in north wales, I’m even more motivated to one day fulfil my lifelong ambition of cultivating a life next to the sea. Living simply, dressing simply and planning your days according to the tide would do me just fine. One day you’re in thick rubber boots and knits, the next you’re in string bikinis and cut-offs, that’s the strange thrill of our unpredictable seasons in the U.K. Having always been a sunshine seeker, I’m now happy to roll with the temperamental mood swings of our British weather and actually kind of relish the highs and lows. Like any tempestuous romance, it keeps every day unpredictable and those surprisingly hot days even more worth relishing.

Beach walks whatever the weather, mooring up on the water on blue sky days, barbecuing everything you can get your hands on and lighting fire pits as the sun dies down. Yep we lived and breathed every seaside cliche last week and I don’t think I’d ever get bored of that kind of routine. The best thing about the internet age has to be that we can now work for anywhere and kitchen table businesses can flourish on an international scale… So who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to wake up to the sound of waves every morning and live the dream. Until then, here’s a moodboard to fuel those day dreams of sand dunes and shell-covered beaches.

Sunglasses | Toms 
Bag | Kayu 
Trousers | The Great 
Espadrilles | Soludos 
Denim shorts | Alexander Wang
Bikni | Solid & Striped 
Knit | Saint Laurent 
Shirt | Topshop 
Shampoo | Christophe Robin 
Watch | Larsson & Jennings 
Fragrance | Byredo 
Boots | Ilse Jacobsen