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The Joy of Vintage


I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in bit of a rut lately, and the one thing that always helps cure sartorial discontent for me is rediscovering the joy of vintage.

I’ve been living in a safe uniform of jeans tees and flats. Nothing new there I hear you cry, but give it a while and it starts to drag. It’s not that I don’t like that formula but sometimes you just need a little bit of a boost to reconnect with what you’re actually all about, rather than just pulling on the same thing time and time again mindlessly. And as great as a new designer bag or a Topshop top feels, nothing beats the thrill of finding one-off, ‘where did you get that’ vintage gems.

Vintage shopping was the first kind of shopping I really got into. While at university, vintage was what gave outfits life amidst a sea of Topshop, Primark and H&M. Plaid shirts, denim jackets, ditsy-print tea dresses and white gypsy blouses have been my staple searches since I was 19 and yet these days, finding time to rummage through charity stores and trawl through ebay seems to get less and less by the day. I think this blog may have played a part in the demise of my vintage shopping if I’m honest. I know lots of people like to be able to buy stuff on blogs and not just something ‘similar’, plus I’ll admit I occasionally feel pressure to wear new things and keep the blog fresh rather than constantly boring you all with my aforementioned uniform.

But when I found myself with a spare hour in Paris recently, and Frances reminded me of one of the best vintage spots in the city Kiliwatch, I suddenly got that itch that could only be scratched with a good vintage find. This little broderie anglaise blouse felt deliciously 90s and I loved the girly frills in black. A week later in Corsica and I found this amazing basket, maybe one of my best straw-based buys to date. Put the two together (not forgetting those faithful jeans of course) and you’ve got pretty much a dream summer in the city ensemble for me.

So I hope you’ll forgive this little interlude and ode to vintage. I’ve rounded up a whole host of other black, broderie anglaise buys at the bottom just in case… Normal service will resume next time.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-2 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-7 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-16 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-10Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-6 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-5 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-4 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-18 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-14 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-7 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-9Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-13 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits_-15

Top | Vintage
Jeans | Redone (these are the Elsa ones cut at ankle)
Sandals | Ancient Greek
Basket | From Corsica
Gold necklace and bracelets | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Sunglasses | Rayban


Ph. by Frances Davison