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 Once upon a time, piercings were a sign of rebellion and anarchy, now multiple holes are de rigeur. And yet I myself seem to have less than ever… A nose ring and five earrings has now reduced to two lowly ear holes after accidentally letting them all close up. Yep, as I entered my late twenties my body seemed to sense it’s impending middle-age and started rejecting metalwork like the plague. Try as might to put new holes in myself (just my ears I hasten to add), my body has other ideas and after weeks of painful, inflamed soreness I eventually admit defeat and take them out.

Thankfully JW Anderson has given us a new place to pierce ourselves and it’s 100% pain free, requires zero anaesthetic and won’t leave a mark akin to a black head. Anderson’s new nose ring bags are the wimp’s solution to piercings; needless to say I had to have one immediately. As you guys can probably tell from this blog, bags and shoes are the only things I really drop proper cash on, but it’s only so often one comes along that really persuades me. The prim shape and short handle juxtaposed with the hardcore hardware had me at hello. I feel like its the perfect marriage of opposites for those of us bridging being a full-on grown up and still wanting to keep one foot in that intoxicating sense of teenage rebellion.

So before we all head back to Thailand with a bucket in hand, or get a moon tattooed on our wrist (both still valid options in my mind however), let’s stick to piercings of the wearable kind. It’s like a clip-on earring, only cool.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-3 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-19 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-11 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-4 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-5 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-6 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-17 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-22 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-OutfitsLuc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-20Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-14 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-July-Outfits-22

Jacket | Sandro (similar here and  here)
Trousers | Topshop
Top | Anine Bing 
Trainers | Sezane (similar here and here )
Bag | JW Anderson 
Sunglasses | Toms

h. by Frances Davison