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How to Win at Flying Long Haul


Flying long haul and arriving raring to go rather than feeling like you’ve got the mother of all hangovers without having drunk a drop is an art form, an art form that I’m beginning to feel like I might be en route to mastering. Can’t paint a picture to save my life, but I can just about step off an eight-hour flight straight into a meeting without scaring anyone.

I’m guilty of overstuffing my hand luggage with everything and anything for those ‘just in case’ scenarios. Three serums? I’ve got your back. But if I’m checking luggage for a long haul trip, I’m trying to practice keeping my beauty bits to the bare essentials. The key products to take everything off, moisturise and hydrate on the flights and then a few makeup bits to help freshen everything up before you land, and all under 100 ml of course. Enter Clinique’s new gift set filled with every thing you need to get trip ready and all the ideal size for a flight (plus anything that comes in a shiny, zippy bag makes me irrationally thrilled). Makeup remover, Pep Start Eye cream (first time this has been included in one of Clinique’s gifts) and a few bits of colour like a mini mascara that are super useful for polishing up in the bathroom for landing makes this the ideal starter kit for holiday mode. I’ve just discovered Clinique’s chubby sticks too for a slick of colour on cheeks and lips, and don’t think I’ll be using much else while this tan lasts.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-How-To-Win-At-Long-Haul_-2 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-How-To-Win-At-Long-Haul_

In addition to the beautifying bits, I have a few other essentials I’m never without on a six hour plus flight. An eye mask is a must for obvious reasons while a big, oversized hoodie of some kind is perfect for wrapping up. Please God don’t be that person that flies back from Maldives shivering in a kaftan: leave the holiday behind and protect you and your tan from that savage air con. Podcasts, books and notebook helps me switch off, especially if I’m trying to sleep; amazing how a particularly nerdy episode of ‘How Stuff Works’ can put you into a coma.

Sunglasses for the other end, hair bands and grips to get long hair out of your face and food and my own headphones for podcasts and movies (my elf ears can’t handle the plane standard issue ones).

Not pictured are my industrial level wax earplugs, cashmere socks, spare underwear/bikini/t-shirt (because if your bag gets lost you’ll give yourself a hug), deodorant, a tonne of moisturiser for just about everywhere and my plethora of tech that comes everywhere (laptop, cameras, memory cards, chargers, adapters). My beauty selection might be narrowed down but I’m still far from travelling light… What can I say, it’s a work in progress.


Clinique’s new gift set is yours with the purchase of every two qualifying Clinique products at Boots stores between now and August 13th. Click here for all the deets. 

Hoodie | Sweaty Betty
Headphones | Happy plugs
Notebook | My Bucket List
Silk eye mask | Olivia Von Halle 
Sunglasses | Rayban
Tote bag | Balenciaga
Luggage Tag | MeliMelo
Suitcase | Rimowa

Created in collaboration with Clinique.