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A Day in Paris with Chanel


When Chanel invites you to come to Paris for the day you say yes. And so I headed to the city of love on a baking day to eat pasta, try on some amazing jewels and wander the streets. Life can be tough.

I know this makes me a massive tourist, but every time I go to Paris I feel like I have to at least glimpse the Seine. Being next to water of any kind instantly make me happy so after an early train, we headed through the Tuileries to the river for a quick stroll before lunch at Hotel Costes.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-8 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-6 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-9 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-21 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-18 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-16

From here, we headed off to Chanel’s high jewellery showroom on Place Vendome to see their new diamond collection. I grew up on a farm where life revolved around seasons, harvests and the transitory shades of the wheat fields so I immediately loved that this collection was based around the motif of a wheat field. Apparently wheat was an enduring symbol for Coco Chanel. One of her best friend’s Salvador Dali presented her with a bouquet of golden wheat once upon a time, as it was supposed to symbolise prosperity and good fortune. One google of Coco’s apartment and it’s quickly apparent she was a big fan of these golden ears.

Needless to say, I loved that wheat was the enduring theme for Chanel’s new high jewellery collection. From the green emeralds to the yellow diamonds, these stunning pieces mirrored the life span of wheat with a golden field of the stuff installed in Place de Vendome (the home of Chanel High Jewellery) especially for the occasion. After lunch we headed to the showroom to have a look and try some on which was a real privilege.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-39 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-40 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-34 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-36 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-37 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-33 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-31 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-38 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-30 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-35 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-26 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-24 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-22

Just wow. That ear cuff might the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to try on.

After playing with diamonds and alas, handing them all back, we had some time wander the streets of Paris and soak up the sun. From vintage trawling at Kiliwatch and coffee at Grand Hotel Amour, to the streets of Montmatre, exploring Paris never gets old to me, especially with the sun beating down as it was.

Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-41 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-55 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-56 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-42 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-49 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-54 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-51 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-47 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-57 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-72 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-69 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-60 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-61 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-70 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-68 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-63 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-66 Luc-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Paris-With-Chanel-58 13584075_1652499885068652_142153361_n

Skirt | Levis at Urban Outfitters
T-shirt | Reformation
Bag | Chanel
Shoes | Gucci
Camera | Olympus Pen
Sunglasses | Celine

Ph. by Frances Davison and myself