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Summer Essential


A denim mini is always a key part of my summer wardrobe, and this year it’s all about washed-out, frayed Levis versions. I was beginning to feel the lack of one keenly, finding a large gaping hole in my go-tos when it was too warm for culottes or jeans and too decent for my ever-shrinking denim shorts (sob).

I was mentally prepping myself for a day trawling Portobello and vintage stores to find the perfect one (my internal conscience wouldn’t quite let me stretch to the much-loved Vetements take on it), when I happened upon this one… And even better, it was sitting ripe for the picking online at Urban Outfitters. I have to say, while I might not pop in there all that much, Urban is still a bit of a dream one-stop shop if you’re ever after anything remotely 90s, vintage and streetwear inspired. Not #spon, just fact. The good luck kept on coming as it fitted perfectly and was the perfect balance between prim and barely there in terms of how much it kept covered.

One of those things that as soon as you have it, you wondered how you dressed before. Already, I can’t envisage a suitcase this summer without this little hero and am ready to out it through its paces as my little Levis cut-offs take a bit of a vacation of there own…

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Jacket | Sea NY – sold out everywhere but found it here! (Also similar here and here) 
Denim Skirt | Vintage Levis from Urban Outfitters
Sandals | Mango
Bag | Mulberry
Top | Old H&M
Sunglasses | Toms
Necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma


Ph. by Frances Davison