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Not Just For The Beach


The humble straw basket is often sidelined to the holiday sections of our wardrobes and it wants out. There’s something incredibly mood boosting about toting a Birkin-esque basket around your hometown. It’s a cliche for a reason and it really does make you want to buy peonies, custard tarts, market finds and all manner of pretentious accoutrements to smugly cart around as if from another, less complicated time. I love mine with faithful vintage denim, a beachy top and fancy slides that stops the whole thing from looking like you’ve got clinical location dysmorphia. While it’s nice to pretend you’re in the south of France, a sense of reality you’re alas in post-Brexit London needs to remain (double entendre definitely intentional).

And so between summer trips, how about giving the classic straw basket a bit more airtime. Beats a free tote bag any day of the week if you ask me and makes popping out for unglamorous supplies (bin bags, loo roll, butter etc) that bit chicer.

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Top | Cecile Copenhagen
Jeans | Redone
Shoes | Robert Clergerie
Bag | Sheerluxe
Tooth and horn necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Gold and gemstone necklace | Rosie Fortescue Jewellery

Ph. by Frances Davison