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Summer Habits


I’m a big believer in switching up both your products and your routine depending on the season (although I’ll be honest routines aren’t my forte at times), and with summer upon us, it’s time to try and make some positive changes to keep skin glowy, fresh snd generally free from scales.

I’ve teamed up with Malin + Goetz, one of my favourite New York beauty brands that’s setting up shop on my side of the pond with two new stores opening soon in London. Designed for sensitive skin in mind, this unisex, family-run brand keep alls its products free from synthetics and detergents – something I’ve become more and more aware of lately and is a real draw when it comes to choosing and trying new potions. They also cater specifically for things like rosacea and eczema, the latter of which I’m really prone to on my hands. This has always been a real travel brand for me too; if I ever check into a hotel that has Malin & Goetz in the bathroom I know I’m staying in a goodie…

But without further ado, they say it takes 30 days to form a habit so here goes…

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-2 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-4Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-5Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits

The first essential for prepping skin, be it for a holiday or just a bare leg in the concrete jungle, is a good scrub. No one wants to look down on dull, grey hams and a good scrub does wonders for both my legs and self-confidence before I get them out at the start of the summer. It’s also a must before a fake tan and once home from holiday to keep your tan looking fresh and sunny. Working into dry or damp skin helps it do its job on really tired shins that are used to life beneath a pair of jeans too.

Rinse off and you’re done, and likely feeling as fresh as daisy.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-8 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-7

Post shower, a great habit to get into (all year if you can), is dry body brushing.

Feels a bit like you’re grooming yourself like a horse to begin with, but push through and this can change the whole texture and look of your skin, especially as you get older. Forget lotions and potions that promise to banish cellulite and dimples; given that lumpy thighs is mostly down to genetics, circulation and lifestyle, this is one of the only non-gimmicky ways you can help give your body a boost at ridding toxins and keeping skin smooth and tight.

Start at your calves and brush upwards towards your heart, working up your thighs, bum and even stomach and arms.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-11 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-12 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-14 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-13

Next up, it’s time to get some moisture back into your skin. I’m focusing on my legs in this post but obviously every bit of you needs a bit of TLC when it come to moisturiser. Enriched with vitamin B5, this smells like citrus trees and forms a barrier to protect skin as well as keep it soft and supple.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-21 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-20 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-19 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-18

One habit I’m really trying to get back into right now, is yoga. After a year or so of trying all kinds of occasional pilates and HIIT, I’ve come full circle and rediscovered yoga thanks to the good it does my bad back and hideously un-flexible hamstrings.

I’ve recently discovered Yoga with Adriene on Youtube which is really helping. I’ve realised I’m much more likely to do it if I can just roll my mat out at home and squeeze in a 45 minute practise rather than the 2-hour round trip it takes to go to a class for a 90 minute session. Plus, Adrienne is super personable, funny without being annoying and has a video for just about everything. She’s also done a virtual 30-day Yoga Camp that I’m currently working my way through to nail down that habit theory. It might not be a marathon, but a little bit each day is helping me feel good about myself – especially important when you’re showing off more of yourself than normal at this time of year.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-33 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-32 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-31

SPF is a no-brainer for me now, especially in the thick of summer. Yes even in London. This little  SPF 30 is great for adding extra coverage to any bits especially prone to catching the sun like shoulders, nose, forehead and chest. I keep it in my bag and just dab it on if I find myself sitting outside for lunch or at the pub in the sun. There’s nothing worse than a random, fried patch of skin and I hate nothing more than accidentally burning. It happens to the best of us at times, but keeping this close really helps.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-25 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-24 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-30 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-27 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-26

I’m sure all of us like to smell good all year round, but tubes without air con, rushed flights, synthetic summer tops and generally living in hotter climes than usual can make it a harder goal to permanently achieve right now. A good deodorant is (obviously) a must, and this eucalyptus one is aluminium-free too. It’s ideal after an evening shower, dries super quickly and no white, powdery marks on that little black dress.

I am an out-and-proud fragrance obsessive and have been known to spritz something or other on before I go to bed without thinking. However come summer, I find they rarely last beyond my front door, seemingly evaporating into thin air almost instantly, and for the most part, are bulky and impractical to carry round for top ups. Enter a perfume oil roll-on, your new faithful friend when it comes to holiday fragrances. Oil-based scents hang around on hot, summer skin much more than a traditional eau de parfum which sits on the surface and evaporates in any water your skin loses. I love this heady ‘Rum’ scent too – it smells rich, spicy and boozy, conjuring memories of sangria and spicy paella.

Roll it onto wrists, neck and just behind the ears for a scent that sticks around.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-23 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-35 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-36 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-38 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-40 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-39

Last but not least, a lip balm is never far from reach. And can you think of a better flavour than Mojito for summer? When I’ve got close to zero makeup like here, I always like a lip balm to feel like I’ve made a teeny bit of effort. I’m not that into lipsticks on an average, errand-running day, so lip balms tend to be my go-to.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-41 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-43 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-45

As I mentioned earlier, this awesome U.S brand is coming over the pond and opening its first U.K stores on London’s Upper Street in Islington and Monmouth Street.

They are also doing a competition to celebrate and get some of us Brits extra excited. The brand are going to be putting graffiti stencils around it’s new stores in London so if you find and spot one of these stencils this week and instagram it using #MGUK and @malingandgoetz, you’ll be in with a chance of being picked to come in store and haul some favourite products. Mine would have to be the scrub, anything Mojito-scented and that roll-on rum perfume….

If you work around Covent Garden or Islington, or just happen to be in the area, keep your eyes peeled and your phone ready… M+G are in town.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-46 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-48 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Summer-Habits-49

Gingham swimming costume | Solid & Striped
Mon Cheri t-shirt | River Island 
White bed shorts | Missguided
Yoga top | Sweaty Betty 
Yoga leggings | Gap Fit 
Jewellery (necklace, gold bracelets) | Lucy Williams X Missoma collection 
Leather Jacket | Maje 
Watch (coming soon) | Larsson & Jennings

Ph. by Frances Davison. Shot on location at Artist Residence in London.
Created in collaboration with Malin + Goetz.