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A Weekend in Lisbon | Beach Day


On our fourth and final day in Lisbon, we were ready for some time in our natural habitat; the beach. We spent ages trying to decide which beach to go for… I wanted to go to Guincho originally but we heard from a local rickshaw driver in Sintra that it was super windy and so not many people went there for sunbathing. We looked into going to Cascais and back towards Sintra but considering we had to be at the airport to go home that evening, we eventually decided upon Praia de Mata on the Costa da Caparica which is only 25 mins over the bridge from the centre of Lisbon. As we were driving there I was worried we’d made a bad choice as it really looks nice nothing much en route… However once we got there, headed through it’s dunes and emerged onto an enormous expanse of white sand and windswept seas, I was happy.

The weather was amazing, the beach was big enough that there was loads of room and if you didn’t know already, sand dunes are my favourite bit of any beach so box was firmly ticked. We spent a good few hours reading our books (Maggie O’Farrell ‘This Must Be The Place’), Jamie managed to dunk himself in, and I quote, the coldest water he’s ever swum in, and we grabbed lunch a local cafe next to a surf shop. It was the best way to end a really active trip and gave us a taste for Portugal’s epic coastline that I’m desperate to discover more of…

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Stripy t-shirt | Mango
Denim skirt | Levis at Urban Outfitters 
Rope sandals | Bought at LX Factory 
Hat | Bailey of Hollywood
Gingham swimsuit | Solid and Striped
White dress | Pampelone 
Bag | Heidi Klein
Sunglasses | Toms 
Black bikini | Calvin Klein 

Ph. by myself and James Wright