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Rusty Nail


Rust. Something you only really want in your wardrobe (palette speaking of course) and I guess most commonly associated with Autumn thanks to all those fiery-coloured leaves and bonfire cliches. But as it turns out, I’m pretty partial to this colour in the summer too, mostly down to the fact it looks smoking with a tan and washed out denim.

We’ve come to that time of year when I realise the only viable jackets in my wardrobe are leather, suede and padded bombers, all of which I love, but are potentially too hot and sticky when you get past the 20 degree mark. So I was in the market for a featherweight jacket when I picked up this guy from Mango (along with a whole other host of things you’ll be seeing a lot of over the summer. At first, it felt a little too like a lab coat, but once I got my head round memories of Chemistry, I realised it would slot into my wardrobe perfectly. Any new purchase have to adhere to the following criteria; must work with stripes (tick), must be low maintenance (tick), must be multi-tasking (tick) and must be good with jeans and white t-shirts (tick, tick).

The espadrilles are another summer essential I’d be lost without. While these are full on wedges (for a heel phobe), they just don’t count as heels to me as they just feel so laidback and summery.

FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-22 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-18 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-11 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-7 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-10 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-16 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-15 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-4 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-3 FMN-Coach-Mango-Espadrilles-Reformation-Levis-2

Linen Coat | Mango 
T-shirt | Reformation
Jeans | Redone
Espadrilles | Castaner
Bag | Coach
Sunglasses | Toms

Ph. by Frances Davison