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Monochrome Wedding Outfits


Loads of you have been asking for tips and ideas for wedding outfits, or more specifically, how to keep a sense of self (and style) throughout the season of floral dresses, white cropped blazers and court shoes.  I touched on it in my last Q&A post but wanted to actually style some things up

Aside from when I’m roaming Mexico’s beaches, I don’t naturally gravitate towards colour and so figuring out how to do monochrome for weddings has been something I’ve been figuring out ever since the first invite dropped on my doorstep. White dresses (especially when long and/or worn with a veil) are, as a rule, a total no-no, and while Vogue has deemed black doable for weddings, it’s all in the execution and can be tricky if the bride is very traditional. If you’re abroad and teaming a little black dress with red shoes and messy hair for a Flamenco-vibe you’re all good. But if you go down the fitted, formal route in the U.K, it can look severe and veers towards job interview rather than celebratory nuptials. Yep, told you its tricky.

But, combine the two and suddenly a neutral combo is very doable and I like to think, pretty damn chic too. For Spring or just chillier weddings (let’s be real here; anywhere north of the midlands can be cold right through August), culottes are the answer. No fake tan or even a razor required and they feel that bit cooler than a dress sometimes. Rather than feeling the need to invest in a tonne of fancy dresses that only come out for weddings, playing around with elegant separates means your money goes further and you can mix and match all summer long (a serious bonus if like me you’re averaging five or six a summer). This first outfit would be more of a London wedding get-up but I’ve kept the bag and shoes the same for both on purpose, to shoes how these pricier purchases can work in different ways and prove their cost-per-wear.

FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-16 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-6FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-9 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-13 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-12 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-2 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-4 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-8 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-7

Next up, my new favourite dress that I’ve already worn to Pandora’s wedding and will no doubt be wearing all summer long. I always favour long sleeves and short skirts on a dress for a wedding as it negates the need for a blazer or jacket unless really cold. I’m not a huge fan of those formal, fitted blazers (takes me right back to sixth form and not in a good way), and tend to favour a biker jacket if I need to cover up shoulders in church. OK its not traditional, but I feel like weddings need to move with the times a little and wearing a leather jacket makes me feel like me. I’ve seen plenty of girls doing the same and feel like its fairly normal now unless the wedding is black tie or super smart.

But back to this epic dress… The print, the shape, the balloon sleeves – it just ticks every single box for me. It feels amazing on and makes a statement without screaming from the roof tops. Easy to dance in, flirtatious while still being demure and near to effortless in terms of getting ready and working out what it goes with because, well, it basically goes with everything. If there’s a better monochrome wedding guest dress out there, I dare it to take on this one.

FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-20 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-29 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-28 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-24 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-32 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-31 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-22FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-26 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-17 FMN-Monochrome-Wedding-Guest-Outfits-34

Black top | Isa Arfen
Cream Culottes | Zara (similar from here and here)
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma with added vintage charm
Dress | Dodo Bar Or 
Lipstick | Mac Lady Danger 
Bag | Future Glory 
Shoes | Chloe

Ph. by Frances Davison