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Heidi Klein in Montenegro


After a hedonistic 10 days in Croatia when I was 21, which mainly consisted of 3 grotty apartments, one boat, far too many shots and about 10 hours sleep in total, I haven’t been back to this beautiful part of the world since. And despite reading and hearing so many great things about neighbouring Montenegro, had yet to get over there and see it for myself.

Thankfully, swimwear brand Heidi Klein recently rectified that, inviting me along on a two day trip to Porto Montnenegro to hit up their resident store in the port and well, generally mess around in boats for 36 hours. Essentially the kind of trip I jumped at the chance to go on.

We stayed at the new and very shiny Regent PortoMontenegro which is at the hub of the port itself. With views over the palm-lined marina, delicious food and navy and white nooks dotted around to take in the view, this is the place to stay for those who prefer their holidays on dry land. My enormous balcony looked down over white umbrellas and navy waters while marble-floored atriums were the perfect base for a serene Spring morning.

FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-4 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-5 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-7 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-79 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-78 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-27 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-29

From the hotel and after a visit to Heidi’s shop in prime position on the waterfront, it was time to get out on that water. No Montenegro trip is complete without some time in a boat visiting some of the beautiful walled towns and secluded pebble beaches dotted around the coastline. The water is so perfectly flat, it almost feels like a lake rather than the sea.

Our first stop was an amazing, rustic beach restaurant – rustic being the operative word. It’s still technically shut before it opens for the summer prime time, but the owner opened it up for us for an hour. Not for the faint hearted or squeamish, fresh raw sea urchins, octopus (although we didn’t eat him don’t worry) and something else I’ve never seen or heard of before (and can’t remember the name of) were on the menu, along with swigs of home brew and traditional Montenegran pastries. After a lot of encouragement, the majority of us had our first taste of sea urchin which is essentially salty jelly (yum). Anyone who hates anything scene-y as much as me, will love this place. It feels like a real castaway, secret find and is overflowing in unpretentious charm.

FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-6 IMG_8256IMG_8247FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-12 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-14 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-13 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-15 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-17 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-20 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-22 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-23 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-58 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-75

White Dress | Heidi Klein
Straw Baskets | Heidi Klein
Embroidered shirt | Isabel Marant Etoile
Denim Shorts | Levis
Sunglasses | Prism
Necklaces | Lucy Williams x Missoma collection

After a few more hours of speeding around on the boat, it was time to head home and scrub up for dinner.

The following day, it was time to get back out on that water and head to the old city of Kotor. Having been colonised by the Venetians back in the day, it still feels like a a little corner of Venice with it’s winding alleys and cobble, pedestrianised streets. Unsurprisingly it’s a tourist hot spot so don’t expect to have the place to yourself but given it wasn’t peak season, we were really lucky in getting to wander fairly free of crowds for an hour or so. We shopped for tiny crosses to hang off chains outside the church, made friends with stray cats and took a million photos that looked like a still of King’s Landing.

FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-30 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-34 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-33 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-32 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-37FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-38 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-39 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-40 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-41 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-42 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-43 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-45 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-49 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-54 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-51 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-48 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-47 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-46

Denim jacket | Ikks
White linen dress | Heidi Klein
Slides | See by Chloe
Straw bag | Heidi Klein
Scarf | Sommerville Scarves

From Kotor, we headed to Our Lady of the Rocks. This beautiful old church sits alone on a tiny island and feels pretty magical inside. If you find yourself in the bay of Kotor, this little gem is definitely worth a stop….

FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-56 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-55 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-58 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-57 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-59 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-61 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-62 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-63 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-64

Back on dry land and it was time for lunch and the palest rose in the sun in the marina. Gazpacho, bruschetta, grilled prawns and salads (oh my) before heading round to one of Porto Montnegro’s main attractions, the Yacht Club infinity pool. The lido recently got revamped and is a bit of a showstopper… We had the whole place to ourselves for the afternoon just as the sun decided to make an appearance, but you could imagine this place buzzing come high summer. It was the ideal way to wrap up an amazing, whirlwind trip. After a delicious, long dinner Regent Porto Montenegro, it was time to hang up our sea legs for a while and head back to Dubrovnik airport….

Big thanks to the Heidi Klein girls for having me.

FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-71 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-72 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-69 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-70 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-67 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Trip-Diary-3FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-65 FMN-Heidi-Klein-Montenegro-Summer-Trip-66

Gingham shorts | Mango
Black top | LNA
Slides | See by Chloe
Navy and white bikini | Heidi Klein
Straw bag | Heidi Klein
Sunglasses | Prism
Necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Denim jacket | Ikks 

Ph. by myself and friends using the Olympus Pen