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90s Layering

Fashion Me Now | 90s Layering_-9

If I had to choose one favourite takeaway from the decade that brought us Party of Five, Clueless and boys with curtains, spaghetti straps are definitely up there for me. How they hang in the most nonchalant way, perilously threatening to reveal all, there’s not much that’s sexier than a slither of strap hanging off a shoulder. But aside from balmy hot nights on holiday, there’s not that many occasions we get to rep this 90s staple. But by looking back to the days when we thought t-shirts over long sleeves were perfectly acceptable, we suddenly get an altogether more wearable way to show off our straps with non of the hassle of fake tan or potential nip slips. 

Layering your cami over a slightly clingy, ribbed tee is suddenly fresh again and means those beautiful slip-like tops we all lust after get so much more cost per wear. While a few years ago we might have knotted a plaid shirt around our waist for a real nod to grunge, the new 90s is about clean, subtle references that have one foot firmly in the present. Vintage denim adds to the feels while mesh-like boots and minimalist, architectural jewellery keeps the whole thing from being too throwback.

I personally can’t get enough of this monochrome duo (Raey camisole and Asos ruffle-necked top) right now but equally love tonal versions (caramel on camel) and burgundy or navy silk tops over white or cream jersey polo necks.

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Silk camisole | Raey at Matches
Ribbed ruffle top | Asos
Jeans | Levis at Reformation
Necklace | Jenny Bird
Clutch | Loewe
Boots | Sandro
Sunglasses | Rayban

Ph. by Frances Davison