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The Rule of Opposites

Fashion Me Now | Dress Down Friday_-9

I like to think I don’t adhere to too many rigid rules when it comes to getting dressed. Not because I’m some wannabe rebel, but because I’ve never made a point of memorising that encyclopaedia of hard and fast styling tricks of the trade. ‘Red and green should never be seen’ (I happen to really like khaki and tomato red together), not mixing your metals when it comes to hardware and generally making the most of your particular body shape with perfectly put together separates.

However there is one rule I’ve realised I am a bit of a stickler for, and that’s opposites really do attract. Heels and t-shirts, red lipstick and no mascara…. I love playing things against each other, toning separates up and down rather than going the whole hog with one look. Comfort for me is always a top priority (I continue to be that person that changes into jogging bottoms as soon as I’m through the from door) and luckily enough, the trends right now are in full support. Hoodies and tracksuit bottoms are fair game on the streets as well as on the sofa once more, it’s just learning how to tweak them so they’re reflective of the now rather than what we wore to revise for our GCSEs. I love a hoodie peeking out over the top of a formal, long coat while Gucci loafers, that to be fair are almost as comfortable as trainers, elevate what’s basically jeans and a plain t-shirt. Likewise, this straw-basket inspired bag has ladylike vibes that makes an otherwise cobbled together look feel a little more pulled together.

Next time you’re unsure of whether or not you can pull something off or it will work in your wardrobe, try partnering it with its polar opposite and you might just form an unexpected dream team.

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Leopard coat | Uniqlo X Carine Roitfeld 
Jeans | Redone 
T-shirt | Maison Labiche 
Hoodie | Brandy Melville
Loafers | Gucci
Bag | Meli Melo 
Sunglasses | Rayban 

Ph. Frances Davison