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New Season Neutrals

Fashion Me Now | New Season Neutrals_-2

It’s a not-so-secret shopping rule that you should never leave seasonal purchases until the height of the season. Holiday in August? Buy your bikinis in April. Know you’ll need a new coat come December? Go shopping in September. If there’s a particular item you’re hankering after and you can spare the pennies, I’m not one to delay and inevitably end up buying a new dress or sandals I actively have to wait to wear. But when they’re sold out by Easter, it’s suddenly worth the wait and all that subsequent smugness…There’s nothing quite like that first day of open-toe season when you feel 100% legit in leaving the house in jeans, slides and a biker jacket, a firm favourite uniform for me. So when Net-A-Porter invited me to pick out some key pieces for Spring, this See by Chloe pair were one of the first things I thought of.

Likewise I’d been eyeing up the Loewe puzzle bag for months, but suddenly clicked that this clutch is a far savvier purchase. Understated and beautifully ‘clutchable’ in caramel suede, you can’t help but feel entirely together as you leave the house with it tucked into your arm. I love a clutch in the daytime too. While you might initially think the opposite was true, there’s something inherently thrown together about it to me. Plus I can picture it just as well with slinky, slouchy wedding outfits which I’ll be seeking out pretty regularly over the summer. As with the Gucci belt, the clutch is an altogether more doable way to scratch that sartorial itch for a certain covetable brand and it doesn’t get more itchy than Loewe right now.

I’m sure someone somewhere has a vague rule about when to start wearing white denim and I’m overstepping it, but when it comes to waxing lyrical about new season faves, I couldn’t not mention a good pair of loose-fit white jeans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; avoid skinny white jeans like the plague unless you are a) a leggy model, b) Kate Middleton or c) Liz Hurley. If you are one of these three then go for it with confidence, if not, steer clear. I actually wore just that for my first date with my boyfriend four years ago and am amazed we’ve got this far… To make matters worse they were actually covered in a sort of textured brocade (shudder). These from The Row on the other hand, are ideal. Button fastening for a vintage feel and with a slight kick flare, they feel boyish in the best way. Imagine pulling them on for dinner in Greece this summer with these slides, this bag, a knitted camisole and a tan. Heaven.

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Clutch bag | Loewe 
Cashmere Jumper | Adam Lippes 
Jeans | The Row 
Slides | See by Chloe 
Leather Jacket | Acne 
Star necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Star Earrings | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Zodiac pendant | Catherine Zoraida
unglasses | Rayban 

Ph. by Frances Davison
reated in collaboration with Net-A-Porter