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This is a new blog series I’ve been wanting to start for a long time for lots of reasons, so I’m really excited to finally be doing it.

The main reason I wanted to launch this Q&A series was that I love to chat, and can wax lyrical about everything and anything for unhealthy amounts of time… But I also, gratefully, receive a good bunch of emails from people regularly asking about everything from career advice to what size I bought in a certain top, and I thought it would be great to create an open space where I can answer people’s questions, no matter how weird and wonderful, for all to see. I’ve had some great chats with women at events I’ve done in the past, everything from starting their own business to where to stay in Sri Lanka, but wanted to take it further and be able to chat about things on the reg.

So without further ado, let’s get the conversation going… On twitter or instagram, use the hashtag #AskLucy (just so I can find questions easily and don’t miss them) or just comment on the blog and I’ll answer them once or twice a month in a bumper post. No question is too monotonous or too lengthy so don’t be afraid to ping them over. If you ever want a question to be anonymous, you can email me at [email protected] with the subject ‘Ask Lucy’ and I promise to keep you nameless but answer the question all the same. I might end up theming the posts if there’s lots around a particular subject, or they might all be wrapped into one. I’ll also be offering up some nice new images each time to go with some of the answers too, if you’re more into pictures than words you won’t be forgotten about!

I hope this sounds like something you’ll be keen to get involved in or just read from time to time. I’m definitely excited to get to know you guys a bit better in the process and hopefully be able to help with any queries, great or small, going forward.

I’ll get the first proper set of answers up in the next few weeks so get firing the questions over asap….