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Fancy Extras

Fashion Me Now | Fancy Extras_-9

The power of a few fancy extras gives some much needed difference to what’s otherwise same same.

I feel like I’m in limbo right now; I’ve worn every jeans and jumper combination known to man, my skin and hair are craving a bit of vitamin D and my coat collection is beyond ready to be put in storage till next season. I don’t want to buy anything else wintery in case it only has a few more weeks of wear and yet feel like I’m in constant need of updates when it comes to getting dressed. And when this post-winter monotony sets in, the only thing that gets me through is the help of some shiny, new extras.  A bag that still makes me swoon every time I swing it onto my shoulder and architectural earrings that make everything that bit better, are just two such accessories that make the old black skinnies and stripe top combination feel that bit fresher.

Messy top knot optional but by no means out of bounds as yet again the bag and earring(s) prove you haven’t just rolled out of bed. Or even if you have, you’ve had enough time to go beyond the basics which is all they need to know…

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Jacket | Anine Bing via Modern Society 
Bag | Gucci
Jeans | Gestuz 
Boots | Tony Bianco
Top | Topshop
Earring | Jenny Bird (coming soon)
Scarf | Acne 
Sunglasses | Rayban 

Ph. by Frances Davison