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Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-7

I met a lovely, longtime blog reader the other day at a event and one of the first things she mentioned was how much she liked the inspiration posts I ‘used’ to do. As far as I was aware I still did them but quickly realised they’ve become something of a quarterly phenomenon on FMN. I guess when I first started this blog, Pinterest and Instagram were but lightbulb moments in the minds of their Silicon Valley founders and we were all still wielding blackberrys and nokias with enough memory to store about 100 photos max. Now, new ‘Inspo’ is emerging on a daily basis (we owe all those coffe-and-legs photos that we’ve all been guilty of to our incessant iphone addictions), whereas back then I felt like the blog was pretty much my only outlet for sharing all those images clogging up my desktop, and creating my own imagery was very much still a work in progress. I suppose while I’ve been trying to create more and more of my own content for half a dozen platforms, its been easy to forget that there’s still nothing quite as satisfying as a haul of great pictures from a million different sources to get those creative juices flowing.

Anyway, in the spirit of getting back to my roots and back to the crux of what this blog is all about, I thought it was time to do a long overdue inspiration post… And surely a Monday is the best time to do just that.

Staying inspired can be tricky. At this time of year, the coats I’ve had for several months have lost their appeal, and yet everything in the ‘New In’ section won’t be weather appropriate for several more months… For me, that late winter period from January till Spring can be monotonous and well, a little boring, when it comes to my wardrobe. I often feel like I’ve exhausted every viable option by February, and the need to be creative versus spending on seasonal splurges that won’t last the distance becomes a priority. So it’s a good job there are plenty of rainy, good-for-nothing weekends at our disposable to get lost in a web of favourite blogs, tumblrs, articles and Pinterest. After what’s been a super busy January, I’ve just had one of those dreamy weekends doing nothing but watch Grey’s Anatomy with my dogs while eating crumpets and trawling the internet for inspiring goodness, and decided to pour out the best bits right here.

The irony is if you like these kinds of posts, you’re pretty much just in it for the pictures so I’ll stop rambling and let you scroll away….

Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-15 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-16 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-22 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-14 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-18 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-4 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-3Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-31 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-26 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-27 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-30 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-34 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-35 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-28 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-39 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-40 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-41 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-36 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-37 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-32 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-57 tumblr_o21g3ekJ2B1ravbodo1_1280 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-33 db7f1abca74abbcd16870dbbe2eb5a70 a61705473129481084183c1caab7b7ddFashion Me Now | Inspired_-29 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-24 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-19 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-20 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-25 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-23 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-9 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-13 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-11 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-17 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-8 2d00a0e96cdfc51ad50628829fe6c787Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-42 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-46 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-45 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-48 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-52 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-43 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-44 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-57 tumblr_nyqkuib3yf1stuelto1_1280Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-54 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-53 1527524_1577108462546701_1464456435_nFashion Me Now | Inspired_-55 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-61 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-51 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-47 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-38 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-21 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-10 d6b58bdb748e2cf683eba113057d5e99 tumblr_n168o9HHTr1tsbk6no1_500Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-5 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-58 Fashion Me Now | Inspired_-50

Images via Collage Vintage, Slufoot, TheyAllHateUs, Pinterest, Gypsy Mess, Elin Kling, instagram, FashionGoneRogue

I’ll do my best to answer any ‘where’s that from’ questions but can’t guarantee I know where you can your hands on all items shown…