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Fashion Me Now | Chuck Taylors-15

How its that time of year again I have no idea, but London fashion week kicks off today and as per one of my resolutions, I’m flying the flag for low-key show going…

While I love a good pair of heeled boots and, in warmer times, open-toe sandals, there’s no denying that racing around shows, appointments and presentations feels that much better in sneakers. Walking round the block five times to find a rogue Uber might not sound like much, but when your feet are killing you, the temperatures dropping and you’ve got a hunger headache setting in, comfy kicks make all the difference. The difference between going strong long into the evening and bailing out mid-afternoon because you just can’t hack it anymore. I’ll never forget when I had to hobble home halfway through the day thanks to a pair of what can only be described as torturous flatforms a size too small that took off the entirety of my heel and no amount of compeed plasters could rescue me. For the next five days, my feet were swaddled in bandages, I was constantly in pain and had to fix a smile to my face to save from wincing constantly. I’ve hiked up Cotapaxi in Ecuador and up a glacier in New Zealand and yet it was fashion week that left my feet in shreds – the ridiculousness was definitely not lost on me.

Needless to say, sometimes there’s nothing better than falling back on old favourites to see you through one of the busiest times of year…. Classic converse hi-tops and a new bomber jacket I haven’t taken off for a week make it hard to imagine getting dressed in anything else right now.

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Bomber jacket | Anine Bing via Modern Society 
Jumper | &OtherStories
Jeans | Acne
Hat | Isabel Marant Etoile 
Trainers | Converse
Bag | Chloe

Ph. Morgane Lay

Created in collaboration with my friends at Converse.