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Being Blonde

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My regular private salon Tailored by No. 5, has just got a new colourist in so I can now get my colour done right after my regular no-trim trim. Hurray!

Colour is a tricky thing and I get a lot of questions about mine… I’ve gone from bright, high-maintenance blonde to dip-dye (read biggest roots ever) and finally seem to have found my happy medium of a natural, sunny blonde that plays on my natural colour and only needs topping up once a season. Gone are the days when your colourist picked three different ‘colours’ to give a ‘natural look’ so don’t think that’s the route to natural colour.  Fabio at Tailored by No. 5 simply uses bleach (sounds scary but you’ll never get proper blonde without it) to lift the hair from its natural colour. I had a whole head this time as the underneath was very dark but in the summer I’d just have a a half head. He started doing fine highlights to the roots but also added colour by backcombing small sections and adding extra foils so the roots could grow out naturally but we could get more blonde in there as I was feeling very pale and wintery with my warm, natural colour showing through a bit too much. Cleverly, Fabio washed out half my head while the other half was left to do its magic… This suddenly made total sense. Other salons wash it all out at the same time which means the first section has had 20 minutes more blonding time. He finished the whole thing off with a toner (I always like to do a toner after colour to get it really bright and shimmery) and the kind of blow dry someone who hates blow dries loves.

I’m so happy with my new platinum highlights with not a hint of chestnut or warmth (I get all that through my natural hair colour – my dad’s a red head). It feels icy and scandi, exactly the lame buzzwords that I roll out every time I get my colour done. You feel like an idiot but its kind of necessary to get what you want…. Colour ain’t something to mess around with in my mind! I’ve had one too many colourist want to add ‘caramel tones through the pale ones’ which just turn brassy after a week or two, so I’m super happy to find a colourist who totally gets what I’m after.

My hair’s super fine and easily damaged so I have to take care of it after too. I’m not a purple/silver shampoo person except maybe once a month. I just use coconut water sulphate-free shampoo, conditioners and a good treatment once a week (Oribe, Opalex or Philip Kingsley elasticiser).

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Check out Tailored by No. 5 here.