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Fashion Me Now | Step To It_-5

New year same old you? Yeah me too. As far as I’m concerned, resolutions should start in February seeing as it takes at least a month to get back on your feet after the gluttony, sloth and general greed of the festive season, especially when Mercury’s in retrograde and throwing us all off.

Still, at least my feet are in with the new after I finally succumbed to a pair of Gucci icons I’ve been eyeing up for years as a sort of Christmas gift to myself (because if you need an excuse to splurge that’s an good an excuse as any).  If you ask me, a sockless man in loafers is a man not to be trusted, but I’m hoping the same doesn’t apply for the fairer sex seeing as there’s nothing more satisfying than looking down on these beauties next to frayed denim hems and bare ankles. I imagined these being made of thick, stiff leather that would require grit, perseverance, dedication and a lifetime supply of Compeed blister plasters in order to actually wear them… I should probably add that I still bought them thinking that so clearly love at first sight really does exist. But when I pulled them out of the box, they were in fact made from buttery soft leather that’s both shiny and new, and malleable and worn-in all at once. I pretty much had a Cinderella moment when I tried them on for the first time and kept getting them out of the box just to look at them… Needless to say the blister pads were relegated back to the bathroom cupboard for another, more traumatic, new shoe purchase.

This might be their first and final outing for a while as we descend into the annual January cold snap that makes anything sockless almost impossible and definitely stupid, no matter how beautiful the shoe. Still, just like four-legged friends, classics like these aren’t just for Christmas and will be ready and waiting when we’ve all thawed out…

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Leather jacket | Sandro
Black knit | Zoe Jordan
Jeans | Vintage Levis via Reformation
Shoes | Gucci
Bag | Mansur Gavriel

Ph. by Frances Davision