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Rajasthan Road Trip | Exploring Udaipur


Our first (and only sob) full day in Udaipur was to be spent exploring the city palace, Jagdish temple and more of the winding streets falling away from the bustling touristy hub around the clock tower.

You don’t have to be a culture vulture to appreciate India’s forts and palaces and don’t need a guide to understand or appreciate the OTT splendour of the Maharaja’s old world abodes. In fact, for the most part we did without audio guides and relied upon the explanatory placards dotted around and just enjoyed wandering round the insane architecture and ornate rooms. Most Rajasthan city visits start with a trip to the local palace and Udaipur’s is one of the best, albeit incredibly busy. From incredible views to rooms decked out in mirrors from floor-to-ceiling and tree-filled courtyards, it’s how the other half live on a whole other level.

FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-32 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-35 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-40 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-41 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-42 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-43 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-44 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-45 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-39 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-38 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-37 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-33 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-31 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-34FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-47FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-46

From the city palace, we made a beeline for Jagdish temple next door but got side tracked on our way and popped into a slightly smaller one next door where a little old man lead us up on to the roof to view the intricacy of the Shikhara (the tower-like structure of North Indian temples) up close.

FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-50 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-51 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-52

We then headed to Jadgish, past the flower sellers, up its steep staircase and into the hub of the temple. Totally cool to visit as a westerner or non-Hindu, just don’t take pictures of worship in the temple itself. Aesthetically, I don’t think any other religion could beat Hinduism in terms of beauty… I know I’ve touched on this already but all that colour, incense sticks, flowers and chanting gives it a whole other dimension compared to other world religions.

FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-62 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-55 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-56 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-57 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-61 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-60 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-59 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-58 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-54 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-53 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-48

From the temple, we were ready for lunch… On a friend’s recommendation we headed to Jagat Niwas Haveli and were treated to the most incredible views with our lunch. Get a cushioned nook overlooking the lake on the roof and I dare you not to fall in love with Udaipur and just life.

FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-69 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-3 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-2FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-67 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-86

After an afternoon of shopping for miniatures, fabrics, rose quartz figurines and both getting shirts and trousers tailored (some more successfully than others) it was time for a final dinner by the water.

We passed a colourful, fairy-lit birthday party on our way to Amet Haveli for dinner (without doubt one of the prettiest restaurants I’ve ever been too) and felt truly sad we didn’t have anther day to soak up Udaipur’s magic.

FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-88 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-87 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-24 FMN-Rajasthan-Road-Trip-Udaipur-Travel-Diary-25

Navy top | Faithfull the Brand 
Khaki trousers | Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Sunglasses | Rayban
Hoop earrings | Lucy Williams X Missoma (20% of each sale goes to Wellbeing of Women)
Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 

Ph. by James Wright and myself using the Olympus Pen & Olympus Om-D.