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The concept of ‘matchy-matchy’ doesn’t normally enter into my realm of thinking, and yet recently a new love affair is quite literally running rings around me and my sartorial mantras.

What is it about the humble circle that’s seemingly lassoing my consciousness right now? Maybe it’s got something to do with its simplicity and inherent symmetry that just binds everything together, working as a statement in the subtlest way (just how I like it). Take this Frame belt for example. It’s the kind of accessory I’d be lost without, taking jeans and t-shirts from the sofa to smart dinner and back again, and acts as the perfect eye-breaker for the kind of monochrome (or was that monotonous) January get-ups I live in. You might think it’s kind of expensive for a belt but when I think about how much I’ve worn it and how I now feel near naked when its not breaking up my black jeans-grey jumper uniform, the cost-per-wear definitely seems justified.

And on a whim, I decided to throw caution to the wind and announce my circle fetish to the world by, wait for it, matching my belt to my bag. Yep, I’m officially a person that matches but if you’re going to be cute, I like to think Philo-inspired gold rings is an acceptable way to do it. You will have seen this Future Glory bag in loads of posts since I bought it in New York last September. I’m still as obsessed with it as when I first spied it winking at me in Reformation, and I tell you it gets more ‘where did you get that’ questions that anything else in my wardrobe.

Circle of life or circles for life….

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Coat | Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo (great alternative from Mango here – on sale now!)
Jumper | &OtherStories
Jeans | MiH Jeans (similar from Asos here)
Belt | Frame Denim
Boots | Topshop
Bag | Future Glory Co

Ph. by Frances Davison