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Rajasthan Roadtrip| Jaipur


And so our roadtrip round Rajasthan begins…

We bypassed Delhi and flew straight into Jaipur, the pink city famed for its forts, palaces and gemstones. By the time we left the airport, the light was fading, market-traders packing up and the city alive and buzzing with people, tuktuks and scooters. We headed straight for our guesthouse, a dreamy, family-run abode I found in Love Jaipur called 47 Jobner Bagh. It was so ‘me’ I felt immediately at home, and can genuinely say I would never want to stay anywhere else if I went back to Jaipur… White-washed, light rooms surrounded a candlelit, leafy courtyard with a store laden with amazing colourful wares. It was a real oasis from the madness and noise of Jaipur, so much so it was kind of tempting to just while away an hour here or there with a Chai tea in one of the many little nooks dotted around.

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-6 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-7 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-2 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-3

We headed out to dinner at the beautiful Samode Haveli before crashing out and catching up before the next day. We kicked off our first proper day in India with breakfast in the sunshine while plotting our plan of action…

First stop was the the famous Amber Fort, a must-see spectacular that draws in the crowds but for very good reason. We opted not to ride elephants up to the fort (although I’m told there are strict regulations in place to protect the welfare of working elephants in India now) and simply admired them from afar. We wandered through decadent courtyards, painted doorways and arched hallways, trying to take in the incredible views, mirrored ceilings and tiled floors all at once… Can you tell we were kind of in awe? For a first site to see in India, this was pretty amazing.

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-5 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-8 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-9 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-13 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-2FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-14 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-10 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-12 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-11 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-15 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-18FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-20 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-16

Blue stripe shirt | Mes Demoiselles 
Black trousers | LNA
Fang Necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Sunglasses | Rayban 

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-19 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-21 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-23 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-24 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-25 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-26 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-8 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-3 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-4FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-22 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-27FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-6

From Amber fort, we went to the nearby Jaigarh Fort and walked round it’s crumbling walls to take in the incredible views down over Jaipur. While nice to see, I’d skip this if I did it again as it kind of felt like a real let down after the beauty of Amber Fort…

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-30 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-29 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-28

From a morning of forts and a quick lunch at Niros, we did the Albert Hall and took in all of the beautifully painted miniatures and their depictions of Hindu stories before heading into the old part of the city and seeing Hawa Mahal and the city palace. Jet Lag was creeping up on us by the time we got to the palace and it was only when we left that we realised we’d missed a big chunk of the place like the beautiful famous doorways… Grrrr. Still, any excuse to go back right?

We left our driver for the rest of the afternoon and wandered around bazaars and markets, spotting brightly-coloured tuktuks, beautiful tiny shrines and and endless onslaught of colour and noise. Everywhere in India warrants a photo too, so it always takes double the time to get anywhere because you’re constantly stopping and snapping.

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-34 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-35 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-37 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-38 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-33 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-32 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-36 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-64FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-62 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-39

More from Jaipur soon….