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Rajasthan Road Trip | A Secret Escape


This was one of those magical, off-the-grid places I was almost considering not blogging about at all and keeping the secret all to myself. Thankfully my better instincts won out… Just don’t tell too many people ‘K?

About an hour and a half outside of Jaipur lies a little hideaway for two that I’d fly all the way back to India for, if only just for a special few days whiling away the hours in this dreamy place. After driving through some of the loveliest countryside we came across in Rajasthan, so green and full of monkeys, decorated tractors (or disco tractors as we dubbed them) and Hindu celebrations buzzing along the roadside, and down many a winding, bumpy track, we finally came across a couple of guys on motorbikes who were waiting to direct us…

Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-5 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-3 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-2 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-4Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-EscapeFashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-35

We followed them seemingly into nowhere before we came out into a clearing and the beautiful, understated Anopura revealed itself.

After a lot of googling and researching, I stumbled upon Anopura online almost a year ago and made a mental note to come back to it when we finally got round to booking it all. Of course, when I did get round to booking it all, I had totally forgotton the name of the great little place I knew we had to get to. It could be another few weeks of trying to retrace my steps and wrack my brains before I found it again. And I’m so glad I did…

Our schedule meant we could only do one night at Anopura and as soon as we arrived and met the dream team of lovely staff and their yellow labrador Latika, we knew we wanted to stay for a whole lot longer. With just two rooms and only one booking taken at a time, you have the whole place to yourselves… Like the most beautiful home from home, the thatched living area is full with well-loved coffee table books and brightly-coloured Rajasthani fabrics. Peacocks and even leopards have been known to wander through the gardens, while every meal was like the best kind of homemade comfort food served from big steaming bowls at the table. There’s no wifi at all so you really do switch off like nowhere else, reading until dusk with lanterns and blankets delivered to whichever nook you choose to settle in, and a library of movies in a cosy snug if, like us, you’re night owls and need a film after dinner. Latika the labrador was basically the dog from Up, all smiles and slobber and so happy to just hang out with us wherever we were (the feeling was mutual). After just one day we were gutted to say goodbye to her… Any longer and I think we’d have been trying to steal her in our suitcases. Although going from what other guests had jotted down in the guestbook, most people get the same idea.

If you’re looking for a retreat after racing round the Indian tourist trail, I can’t think of anything better than collapsing here for a few days. If you had a couple of days, you can wander down into the local village with Latika, go on long nature walks guided by the lovely guys at Anopura or just do as we did and sunbathe, eat, read and hang out to your heart’s content.

But like I said, it’s a secret so it stays between us right?

Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-34 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-8 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-14 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-15 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-7 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-22Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-13 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-19 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-17 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-23 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-25 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-11 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-9Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-26 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-24 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-10 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-28 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-27Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-31Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-18Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-32Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-33Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-16Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-21Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Secret-Escape-20

Leopard print dress | Faithfull The Brand
Red dress | Zara
Sandals | Asos (similar here)
Trousers | Faithfull The Brand
White top | Asos
Sunglasses | Rayban

Ph. by myself and James Wright using the Olympus Pen and Olympus OM-D