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Holidays Are Coming…


I dare you not to sing the Coca Cola song right now…

But seriously, Christmas is around the corner and while I like the big day itself, the build up to it is somehow the best bit. Christmas day inevitably ends with that Sunday blues feeling, when suddenly all you have to look forward to is leftover turkey and New Year’s resolutions, neither of which are very appealing. However those sweet few weeks before Christmas are some of my favourite, when you can legitimately watch Home Alone and the answer to all food offerings is a resounding yes. This year, I found myself feeling weirdly festive as soon as Halloween was over, which if I’m honest, even grossed me out a bit. But, what with heading to the tropics and all, I thought it was only right that I mentally jotted down where my festive head was at so I had an outlet for all that unfounded festive cheer.


Look At The Stars

Looking at my most recent jewellery collection for Missoma, you might have guessed I love all things stars. From being a big believer in the power of horoscopes to forcing anyone and everyone to try and spot shooting ones with me in the summer, I have an eternal attachment to the constellations.

This Christmas I’ll be wrapping up gifts with this and this, decorating my house with all things star-shaped and scrolling through Selfridges ‘Shop by Star Sign’ section. It’s actually pretty spot on…

Ever since Keira wore those star hair clips with that green dress in Atonement, I’ve loved the ideas of celestial hair and there’s no better time of the year to do just that. I’m really feeling these and this headband for everything from Christmas parties and dinner on the 25th, to seeing in 2016 on New Years Eve.


Bruce Bogtrotter

If you ask me, one major downfall of Christmas traditions is the sweet stuff. Christmas pudding, mince pies, trifles, brand butter… Not one of these has ever appealed. This year I’ll be making this ridiculous-looking chocolate cake by Nigella if only so I have something ridiculous and Roald Dahl-esque to finish Christmas day off with. Oh and apparently its vegan too…


Outside In

When it comes to decorating, I like to keep it low key, relying mostly on lights to set the tone. My house is filled with the natural offerings (crystals, coral, flowers, succulents and shells) so it makes sense that come December, I like the simple things. Pine cones, fresh Ivy and winter berries beat tinsel and flashing robotic rudolphs in my house.


Bitesized Tree

I feel a bit stupid getting a proper tree this year as we’d only have a week to enjoy it before we head to our families for the holidays. Instead, I’m going bitesized with fir branches in old jars and vases. You get the look and that pine smell, without the hassle of coming back after New Year to a carpet of needles. Plus with our apartment’s disctince lack of space, it’s a pretty clever way to feel festive without having to sell a piece of furntiure to do so.


Movie Night

I can’t begin to feel festive until I’ve ticked off a handful of favourite movies. I’ve been watching the same ones since I was about nine years old and will probably continue to do so until I’m one of those old ladies that can’t remember if I’ve seen them before.

Home Alone (1 & 2)
Love, Actually
It’s a Wonderful Life
Edward Scissorhands
Santa Clause, The Movie



After mocking the term ‘loungewear’ for years, since becoming self-employed I now have my very own burgeoning collection of just that. Silk PJs, jersey track pants, cashmere socks and henley shirts are a regular part of my wardrobe, to the point I sometimes worry the postman might think I have some horrible illness that confines me to the house. For me, loungewear really comes into its own at Christmas. Give me a new set of pyjamas or a cashmere hoodie and I’ll love you forever… Equally, I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like a pair of cashmere socks and I’m not sure we’d get on if I did.

My favourites are Yolke and Asceno for silks, Hush and The White Company for the classics, Gap & H&M on the high street, and Bamford for all-out, ridiculous luxury.


Sofa Snacks

The holidays revolve around eating for me. It’s not to much about gorging myself, but more about constantly grazing throughout the day on all things cinnamon, spiced and nice. This year I’m planning on doing some Pinterest fails with these chocolate salted almonds, sweet potato fries and the ultimate vegan hot chocolate.


Christmas Party

You can’t open a magazine or walk into a store at this time of year without being affronted by sequins, glitter and all things ‘party’. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear that lurex dress or velvet jumpsuit, now is the time of year to do just that. Even me, a self-confessed jeans and jumper addict, gets swept up in the idea of silk culottes, velvet shirts and anything that screams Studio 54 come December 1st. Given the time of year, December is definitely the time to live by the top or bottom rule of thumb, so think either long-sleeved mini dresses or 70s-inspired jumpsuits and culottes. I personally love elevated separates (an embroidered leather skirt here, an off the shoulder top there) that you can mix up with staples like black roll necks and leather pants. The kind of things that can take you from the office party right through to a New Year’s house party without losing sense of your day-to-day style.

So without further ado, here’s my edit for the dreaded party season.

Feeling festive yet?