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Rajasthan Roadtrip | Jaipur Flower Power


Our second and final day in Jaipur started in the peace and calm of our guest house 47 Jobner Bagh, soaking up the last of this little oasis before heading out to the chaos and riotous colour of the city.

A last cup of chai tea in the courtyard and browse around the hotel’s store and we were ready to set off into the centre of town.

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipurimage1 (2)FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-60FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-61FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-57

Shirt | Zeus & Dion
Trousers | Topshop
Sandals | Birkenstock 
Sunglasses | Rayban

We headed straight for the flower market after catching a glimpse of it at sundown the day before. Having ticked off all the big hitters (City Palace, Forts, Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal), we were free to simply wander and browse to our hearts content with cameras firmly in hand… Orange and pink garlands and buckets of blooms competed next to stalls of brightly-coloured peppers, pomegranates and string beans. Locals bought flowers to leave at the temple or to take to celebrations and weddings, while women in embroidered saris haggled for vegetables for that night’s dinner. We came away with a some fuschia flowers, a tiny bottle of rose oil and hundreds of shots of this bustling pocket of everyday life that can’t fail to wow in all its technicolour glory.

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-41 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-47 India collage 8FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-42 India collage 6FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-46 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-49 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-50 India collage 1FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-44 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-43 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-45 India collage 10FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-48 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-53 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-54 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-55 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-51 India collage 11FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-56 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-52 India collage 2Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-10Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-8Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-4Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-3Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-6

Once we’d got our fill of flower power, we relunctantly headed back to our car to pick up our cases and hit the highway. Just 36 hours and it was already time to wave goodbye to Jaipur and head to our next stop… (told you this trip was a whirlwind).

From aged Sadus to sleeping cows, crowded buses of bored commuters and swarming pigeons over ornate rooftops, the roads teamed with life as we headed out of the city to our next pit stop in the Rajasthan countryside, which is exactly where we’ll pick up the road trip next time…

FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-65 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-12 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-10 FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-16 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-2 Fashion-Me-Now-Rajasthan-Jaipur-Travel-Guide-7 India collage 13FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur FMN-Rajasthan-Roadtrip-Jaipur-11

Ph. by myself and James Wright using the Olympus Pen and the Olympus OM-D