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FMN | Yeti Tendencies - 6

When it comes to getting dressed for an urban winter, I like to look to the animal kingdom… Or more precisely, the farm yard.

In my mind, sheep know what they’re doing when it comes to beating the cold. The stalwarts of the field, they’re content chewing away under the weight of their fleeces no matter what the weather. And I ahve to agree with them; icy temperatures are that bit more bearable under a layer of sheepskin, the bigger and bulkier the better. There’s nothing ground-breaking about it, but this is what I live in throughout the winter in London (although I fear even a slither of bare ankle won’t even be doable soon).

However what if I tell you this isn’t even real sheepskin, just the ultimate imitation of it in both look and feel…Yep, this curly wonder of a coat is the sartorial equivalent of walnut bolognaise; vegan through and through. I hasten to add I am not and you’ll most likely see me wearing all kinds of shearling in the coming months in a bid to stay toasty and warm just like my seasonal spirit animals.

Baa Ram Ewe.

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Jacket | Current Elliot
Jumper | J W Anderson
Trousers | Armani Exchange
Boots | Acne
Bag | Chloe
Earrings | Lucy Williams X Missoma

Ph. by Frances Davison