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New Favourites

Copper & Velvet

With the help of a few new additions, I have new love for my work nook. A new copper desk lamp from Cox & Cox (now I just need a proper desk), velvet pillows from Holly’s House and Sheerpskin throws (this one is super cheap from Ikea) make it even harder to get off the sofa and try working at the table like a normal person.

And Other Stories Underwear

And Other Stories is exactly what me and my underwear drawer have been looking for… Little, lacy and yet never overtly sexy (lingerie desigend for women rather than men in other words), I’m obsessed with their range of triangle bras and knickers that don’t ride up, slide down or cut in. I know some girls might be in need of a bit more support, but if you’re like me and favour elastic over wires, these are the dream.

Skin Saviours

I’ve had major skin issues this month. Too many late-night takeaways, sugary afternoon snacks and lack of sleep brought on the mother of all break outs that I’m just coming out of now… For me, diet is the ultimate deal breaker when it comes to my skin but there are new(ish) products in my lfie that have been lending a helping hand.

I’ve been double-cleansing a few times a week starting with This Works Light Time (designed specifcally to wake up tired skin), followed by a fresher, deeper wash with Creme de la Mer cleansing gel. And after meeting and working with Bamford at my Fortnum & Masom event recently, they kindly gave me some products to try and I’m totally hooked. They’re definitely an investment in terms of price (ouch), but the serum and elxir have become nightly favourites of mine (as you can probably tell from the near empty bottles). The serum is the first serum in ages I’ve found that finsihes totally matte and is almost like a primer rather than the syrupy, gel-like serums I’ve tried before.

Silk Road

I have high/low tastes when it comes to what to wear to bed; one night its holey jersey jogging bottoms and an old greying vest, the next it’s beautiful silk button-downs that make me feel far chicer than I deserve. This pair is by Asceno and make me feel spoilt and  slinky even if in reality the sheets need changing and the bins need emptying.

And I couldn’t not put my signed copy of the new Jonathan Franzen novel in here. Freedom and The Corrections are two of my favourite book so I’m beyond excited for this new offering from the American writer. If you haven’t read his other novels, please do. If you’re anything like me, they’ll stick with you for years afterwards.

Turtle and the Hare

In light of Monday’s Sean Connery reference, I thought now was a good time to confess my love once and for all. They might make my face look even squarer than it actually is, but I couldn’t get through the onset of winter without a pile of polo necks. This one’s by Rachel Zoe from Shopbop. I’d never bought anything from her label before but the bell sleeves, chunky neck and side slits makes this a winner.

FMN | November Favouritees - 3

Scent From Heaven

A couple of fragrances I’m loving both on me and in my home.

Still a candle freak, but Hush’s diffusers are the nicest looking ones I’ve found – and you don’t need to freak out over whether or not you blew them out before you left the house. This one is Fig & Blackberry Leaf and smells wintry, spicy and basically everything you want your home to smell of this time time of year. Secondly, Le Labo’s The Noir, another spicy, musky, leafy fragrance I feel naked without right now. I always switch up my fragrances depending on the time of year and this has usurped Diptyque’s Vetiver until further notice.

All Things India

As you’re reading this, I’m madly packing for our next adventure… Tonight we fly to Rajasthan in India for two weeks of temples, tigers (hopefully) and Thalis, closely followed by a week in the Maldives. Yep, pinching myself right now at the mere idea of it all. I’ve been using Love, Jaipur by Fiona Caulfield as my guide in preparation while digging out much-worn birkenstocks and ordering some new pieces from my favourite suitcase brand Faithfull.

I’ve prepped lots of posts to go live while I’m away so keep checking up on the blog while I’m gone. And as ever, I’ll be ‘gramming and snapchatting on our travels so come find me at @lucywilliams02. Looking forward to sharing loads of pictures when I’m back on home soil…

Ph. by Frances Davison and myself