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Never Enough

FMN | Never Enough - 2

There are some things I will somehow never have enough of, and one such thing is the Breton sweater… No matter how many I collect, there’s still always room for just one more in my ever-growing pile of stripes. Like a true addict, I have an excuse and a reason for each and every one of them, and to me, they’re all different enough to warrant a place in my wardrobe. Like a nervous twitch, when I find a good one, I almost can’t help my finger clicking on ‘Add To Basket’ as I envision it with denim, leather, fedoras, vintage cut-offs, A-line skirts… (delete as applicable).

So after discovering a new outlet for my habit in Very Exclusive recently, I was at the mercy of this particular one from Joseph. One of my favourite British brands (and the label behind this dinky, wooden-handled bag I can’t stop carting around), this has usurped all other striped friends for the forseeable future. As a big fan of those little details, I love the vertical stitching round the neckline and the boat neck. Going back to Very Exclusive, this site could be trouble, housing pretty much every boutique brand I want to wear and a different edit to others I’ve seen elsewhere online. Just what I need, another online portal for my knitwear habit this season….

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Jacket | Sea NY
Jumper | Joseph via Very Exclusive 
Trousers | Gestuz
Boots | Urban Outfitters
Bag | Joseph 
Sunglasses | Rayban 

Ph. by Frances Davison