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Layers of Caramel

FMN | Layers of Caramel  - 2

It’s that time of year again. London Fashion Week has been and gone in the blink of darkened, tired eye and with it the age-old question of what to wear. How to be comfortable enough to last all-day and jump on the tube when needed, while staying true to yourself and simultaneously upping the ante just enough so as not to be turned away by security at the shows.

This was what I wore to the last day of the shows and felt like I finally nailed that tricky balance. I was comfortable all day and felt like myself, which is the real must when it comes to fashion week. It’s all too easy to get swallowed up in the void that is fashun, and forget yourself for someone louder, brighter and all-round bolder. Those flashing street style cameras are a powerful thing, but what’s even more powerful is not feeling like a fraud. This will be my 10th season and after falling victim to trying too hard and feeling crap about myself as a result, I now feel a little older, wiser and arguably more boring in the way I get dressed for fashion week. If you never wear hats, don’t wear a fedora just to stand out and equally if you’re a skinny jeans girl, stick to them even if everyone else is singing the praises of flares.

I originally left the house in exactly this on top but with a little denim skirt and a leather jacket. Thirty seconds on my doorstep in the pouring rain and I changed tact, ran back inside and swapped the denim and leather around. I don’t think my hair dried properly all day in the soggy weather so a low, loose knot was the only option, but the cosy polo neck, waterproof pleather and massive shades saw me through rain and (very little) shine.

Going forward, that tricky Autumn conundrum of how to dress for the cold without losing yourself or any sartorial points of interest might just have been solved by a little trick stolen from the 90s. A slinky camisole (this is a dress tucked in) over a matching fine knit adds an extra layer of texture that might just divert everyone’s eyes from the bags under yours… Or is that just me.

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Denim Jacket | Levis
Trousers | Armani Exchange
Polo neck | Dagmar 
Dress (as top) | Marina London
Belt | Asos
Sunglasses | Jimmy Choo
Boots | Acne
Bag | Joseph 
Necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma 

Ph. by Frances Davison