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Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 08

I love being at home. Which is good, seeing as I eat, sleep, work repeat here everyday. Some people ask me if I go mad working and living within the same four walls, and while there are times (normally January, mid-cold) I veer dangerously close to recluse territory, for the most part home remains a real sanctuary for me and I relish the rare days I can bed down and write from my sofa.

I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. In my pre-teens, I was the girl that would rather stay at home with a book than go to a sleepover, and I seem to have done a 360 lately and once again fallen back in love with me-time in my abode. Home is currently a small, one bedroom flat in West London and while it’s cluttered, messy and a little damp (the joys of London), we love it all the same. Jamie and I are total hoarders and have to constantly try and spring clean all year round to save from drowning in magazines, clothes, books and old cameras. As much as I want to be all marble, clean lines and Scandi nothingness, minimalists we are not.

When River Island asked for a little tour of my humble abode, I stuffed my ‘Monica’ cupboard full of clutter and invited them in for a snoop. So if you’ve ever been interested in where these blog posts come to life, here’s your answer…

Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 06 Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 12

Candles, pineapples, magazines and bottles of booze (I love the colour) are just a few of the things lining my desk… I’m obsessed with candles. Couldn’t care less if that’s ‘basic’ (which apparently it is), I light one everyday when I’m working for home.

We bought all our furniture bar the bed and the sofa from flea markets and Ebay and have slowly added to the basics over the years. I like things that are a little run down and scuffed around the edges; it makes me feel less guilty when I inevitably scratch or spill on them. I’m definitely not a ‘take your shoes off’ person… I like people to immediately settle in and treat the place like their own.

Camel polo neck
Fringe Skirt
Top (hanging)

Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 10 Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 01 Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 07Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 11

We’re so lucky to have a little bit of outside space. It’s a real luxury in London and I now don’t know what I’d do without it. I always have the doors open in the summer if I’m working inside and on weekends we take the papers and boiled eggs out there in the mornings. You can see more of it from my Midsommar party here. 

Stripe Shirt
Pleather Trouser
Suedette boots

Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 09Lucy-Williams-River-Island-Style-Insiders - 04

Last but not least, reading on my acapulco chair… Again, while I’d love to be a bit more streamlined, sheepskin rugs, fairy lights and trinkets from travels make it feel like home. For me, my own piece of inside has to be cosy, warm and relaxing and neutral colours and a ridiculous amount of cushions and throws make it just that.

Check out my feature on River Island and the rest of the #RIStyleInsiders here.

Black lace-up shirt
Hoop earrings

Ph. Frances Davison