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When To Invest

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Serious fashion investments will never come lightly to me. I’m more than happy to put down my hard-earned cash on flights to somewhere hot, sticky and far-flung, but when it comes to putting the same amount of money into a bag or an amazing pair of shoes, I immediately question myself. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve bought a couple of designer bags worth more than my month’s rent, and each purchase has required a lot of thought, planning and double-checking before I’ve taken the plunge.

So after finally finding (and quickly snapping up) the Chloe Faye bag I’ve been coveting and googling for months, I thought this was a good opportunity to talk investment purchases, when to make them and when to walk away no matter how hard.

  • Never spend beyond your means. Don’t fall prey to credit cards and spend the next 6 months paying it off. Save a little each month, and buy it on your debit card when you’ve got enough. It will feel a hell of a lot better and won’t see you leaving the store with that sinking, sick feeling.Remember that one person’s Saint Laurent is another person’s Self-Portrait. Money and style are totally unrelated so work within your means to create the look you love.
  • On that note, if you do get that feeling and the guilt won’t leave you alone, it might be worth returning it. No one likes a killjoy and it might just be your dream purchase makes you feel miserable.
  • Wear it and enjoy it. Shoes, a bag, that dress or a coat; whatever it is you’ve invested in, it’s there to enjoy. If you can’t bring yourself to actually wear it and use it, what’s the point? That Celine bag does not want to spend it’s entire life in a dust bag people.
  • Although saying that, it’s worth taking care of things. Keep designer bags in their dustbags when they’re not being used and if you have space, keep shoes in boxes. Likewise silk, chiffon and suede should be kept in garment bags to save them getting snagged or scratched on buttons, zips and hardware in your wardrobe.
  • Do you love it, or love it on other people? I’m as guilty as the next person as sometimes wanting every damn thing I see my crushes wearing, but it’s important to figure out whether you’ll love it when they stop wearing it.
  • Invest in the classics, save on the trends. Love the seventies redux happening right now? Me too, but buy anything you might not wear next season (fringing, stretch-rib t-shirts, poppered skirts) on the high street. Save your pennies for those items you can’t get out of your head and will love in years to come.
  • Before heading straight to the store, see if you can get the same item pre-owned in mint condition on Vestiaire Collective or from a designer dress agency for cheaper. And if you fall out of love with that expensive purchase, don’t be afraid to sell it. You might be tired of it and not using it, but there could well be someone else out there who will love it all over again. That way, you can fund the next must-have glory purchase….

I hope this helps when you’re next faced with that ‘I need it in my life’ purchase… Fashion’s there to have fun with, but it’s never worth bankrupting yourself over. However when you do take the plunge on the right thing, it can feel pretty damn good!

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Bag | Chloe
Jeans | Citizens of Humanity via Club Monaco
Jumper | Vintage (Similar here)
Velvet ribbon | Bought via Amazon
Sunglasses | Rayban 
Shark tooth necklace | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Moon necklace | Blue Billie
Diamond hoops | Astley Clarke
Mini horn bracelet | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Signet Ring | Effra 

Ph. by Frances Davison