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Wrapped in Stars

FMN | Summer Savannah  - 05

I’m a country girl at heart.

Born and raised on a farm, nothing beats getting out of London and back to the great outdoors. I admit this isn’t my usual dog-walking attire, but a newly-landed dress this good couldn’t wait. And in my opinion, savannah-like fields lined with wild grass beat London streets any day.

Like a little 90s flamenco dancer, this dress threatens to flash any bit of you at any moment and is all the greater for it. When it’s hot and hazy and the wind’s whipping everything up into a frenzy, it feels good to wear something flighty, something that makes you feel instantly more spontaneous as soon as it’s wrapped around you.

The brainchild of blogger, model, stylist and all-round babe Alexandra Spencer, Realisation Par is a label to get excited about. Indeed I was one of those lame fan girls that logged on and bought this dress as soon as the store launched. Well me geeking out paid off and I get to spend the remainder of the summer swathed in stars….

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Dress | Realisation Par
Bag | KLF Design 
Sunglasses | Ray-Ban 

Ph. yours truly (with the help of self-timer)