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All That Glitters

FMN | All That Glitters - 17

Little and often is my motto when it comes to all that glitters.

I’ll pass on the massive rocks in favour of tiny little flashes that you can layer up without ever feeling too much. I think my attitude to fine jewellery is kind of the same as my attitude towards this slinky, shimmery slip dress. Remember the naked dress? A little naughty, a bit daring and very 90s, this is pretty much my dream holiday dress. But when roughed up with denim, khaki and black espadrilles, it suddenly feels all the more me and London streets appropriate.  Similarly these refined, micro-cut diamond pieces from Astley Clarke’s Halo range feel right at home when piled on with my staple masculine watch and hair that never quits mussing all by itself. I’ve also realised that black diamonds might just be my favourite and make the white ones shine even brighter. The black and gold bracelets from the India-inspired biography collection are getting me excited for market-trawling and treasure-hunting on an adventure we’re currently planning for later this year. Plus, they give you that little bit of added interest and tan-boosting glintiness (let’s make that a word) without the diamond price tag…

On that note, Astley Clarke are very kindly giving my readers 20% off all the pieces featured here. Just click through via this link here or any of the links at the bottom of the page and use the code FASHIONMENOW to get your discount.

In other news, the seventies-nineties mash-up that I’m subconsciously throwing together on a daily basis right now is showing no signs of abating. If you don’t yet have a brown suede bag or a pair of round sunnies John Lennon would be proud of, I’d get on that bandwagon before the 70s redux passes us by…

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Dress | Marina London (on sale now)
Army shirt | Forever 21 (similar here)
Denim jacket | Vintage Levis (similar here)
Shoes | Topshop (similar here)
Diamond hoops | Astley Clarke
Black diamond circle bracelet and ring | Astley Clarke
Black & Gold beaded bracelets | Astley Clarke
Diamond bar necklace and diamond bar ring | Astley Clarke
Shark tooth necklace & claw bangle | Lucy Williams X Missoma
Watch | Larsson & Jennings
Bag | Chloe 
Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters

Ph. by Frances Davison
In collaboration with Astley Clarke