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Last weekend I rediscovered a London haven.

Richmond Park is a real London treasure. Thirty minutes from my house and yet a million miles for the hustle of London, I hadn’t been in a good few years. We originally planned to go to Camber Sands before realising we totally underestimated the journey time and wouldn’t get there till mid-afternoon. So we changed tact and took our boot-load of picnic to Richmond instead, setting up camp next to the stream with the park’s famous wild deer wandering casually through the long grass on the other side. I’m seriously considering driving over to Richmond Park once a week for a tech-free walk to reboot. My kind of cardio…

The sun beat down and we spent a good 6 hours reading the papers, catching up on magazines, picking at cheese and strawberries and generally wallowing in this amazing summer we’re getting. Designed in Bali and made for the beach, I figured these new billowy Faithfull dresses I ordered wouldn’t get a proper outing until I head to (even) warmer climes at the end of the month. So it was pretty great to be able to wear them right here at home as soon as they landed on my doorstep…

Who says that holiday wardrobe can’t work at home?

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Dresses | Faithfull the brand
Sunglasses | Celine
Sandals | Raye
Jewellery | Lucy Williams X Missoma (Back in stock now!)

Ph. James Wright and Frances Davison