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Summer Suitcase Edit


Whether you’re heading to a favourite getaway close to home, or flying to the heat of Southern Europe, this might make those annual great escape purchases a little easier… For me, no holiday is quite complete without at least one new thing that I can’t wait to wear (normally an amazing bikini in my case). And with pay day upon us and vacation season about to well and truly kick off,  it seems only right to fill those gaps in your holiday wardrobe wherever you’re going. Forget trawling the high street after work or running out to buy a new bikini in your lunch hour; go online now and get the good stuff before it goes. By August there will be barely any swimwear in stores and winter coats will be replacing the denim cut-offs. Sad times.

For the most part, I’ve tried to keep the majority of items featured high street and mid-range as I personally never want to spent so much money on things that are realistically going to get shoved into the bottom of beach bags and only worn for a couple of weeks a year. There is a bit of crossover with a couple of pieces appearing twice but this is deliberate and testament to how wearable and adaptable some of these bits are.

Balearic Boheme 

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Heading to both Mallorca and Ibiza (hopefully) this summer, I’m a bit biased on this one… But the items I’ve picked would be just as good in Greece, Turkey or indeed any number of hot, hot, hot destinations. Light, flowy fabrics and loose shapes feel good on hot, sticky skin, while throw-on beach dresses, printed swimwear and neutral accessories made from natural materials that tie everything together will be the core essentials in my suitcase.

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Seaside Staycation

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Be it Wales, Norfolk, Devon or Cornwall in the U.K, or if you’re from further afield, Maine, Montalk, Cape Cod and the beaches of North Carolina, this is about those homes-from-home we cherish visiting every year (despite their unpredictable weather). Maybe you’re going to your family’s lake house in Sweden or renting an AirBnB with friends in Cap Ferret in France…. Sand dunes, road trips, late-night barbecues and messing around on boats calls for stripes, denim and more stripes. I never want to be too dressy on this kind of holiday, relying on the same basics day and night for a no-fuss approach.

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Filippa K

Short Haul City Break 

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Copenhagen, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Stockholm…. Summer is one of the best time to visit some of Europe’s best cities, especially those in the Northern part of Europe wheere the temperature drops well below freezing for the majority of the winter. But come summer, days can be humid and sticky so go prepared with bits you can layer and adapt to suit. Work these in with your existing wardrobe for the ultimate carry on. Think languid jumpsuits for dinner, denim pinafores for sightseeing and leather espadrilles for all-day strolling

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Let me know where you’re going and what you’ll be taking! 

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