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With a whole load of new and rediscovered favourites lining my wash bag for summer, I thought it was about time I flagged up the products I’m currently relying on day after day. Being summer, my focus seems to have naturally swayed towards fresh, foamy cleansers, refreshing face sprays and healing hair masks for my parched ends that never quit splitting. Just as good in my bathroom at home as they are on holiday, this selection of favourites are proving themselves pretty hard working as well as looking mighty fine in a flat lay.

FMN New Beauty - 2-2

On the marble board;

Ila Bath Salts for Inner Peace | I’ve been using these for ages and while they’re amazing in a hot bath in the middle of winter, they have a freshness about them that makes them an ideal summer bath candidate. Super detoxifying too so are a great way to prep for holiday and get rid of any water retention threatening to ruin that first day in a bikini.
And Other Stories Floral Memento Body Scrub | I like really thick, grainy body scrubs and this is just that. It really gets to work on dry shins or less-than-glowy thighs and smells like an English garden; fresh, floral and not too sweet.
Chanel Soleil Tan| This is great when you have a bit of colour but need an extra bit of bronze. I just use a bit on my fingers to contour cheeks, go over eyelids and touch the bridge of my nose.
Glossier Detox Face Mask | Glossier very kindly sent me a bunch of products to try and nearly all of them have made it into this post. They really do live up to the hype and get serious results. Clearing pores and brightening skin tone, this mask made me feel like I had a whole new face. They’re not available in U.K yet (boo hiss) but maybe if we all kick up enough fuss they’ll have no choice but to hop over the pond…
Creme de la Mer Reparative Skin Tint | I’m a huge advocate for the original Creme de la Mer moisturiser (pricey but so worth it) and this is a dewy tinted version that combines all the coveted properties of the original with SPF 30.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer | This is the ultimate rescue product for seriously dry, damaged hair and a must for those of us with bleached locks and a love of sunshine.

Other products, clockwise from bottom left;

Caudalie Foaming Cleanser | Fresh, all-natural and purifying, this is my go-to in-shower cleanser right now. Nice and light for warm days and sticky weather.
Glossier Soothing Face Spray | Another glossier favourite, this rose water spritz works as a toner before moisturising or just as a cooling mist when you’re feeling a bit rough. Opalex Hair Perfector | Works in a similar way to Elasticizer, this is an in-salon treatment that you can buy to use at home. Makes a real difference if you’re worried about breakage after getting new highlights.
Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense | A true lazy toad, I like no-fuss, all-in-one products wherever possible and this covers all the bases in one easy spray. Detangles and helps protect hair from everyday damage (hairbands, pollution, rough brushing etc).
Glossier Balm Dot Com | O.K last glossier one I promise but this is such a simple essential. Non-tinted, non-glossy lip balm that’s the dream for fans of truly nude lips. I use on sore, chapped hands too and works like a charm.
Woodlot Candle | Bought this in Brighton on the weekend (more on that soon) and aside from the scent, I love the fact it uses a blend of wax and coconut oil. Yes to the all-white, clean branding too.
Tom Ford Body Shimmer Oil | I’m not much of a shimmer person in any shape or form, but when it smells of coconut oil and just catches the light in the subtleest way, I can be persuaded.
Eve Lom Light Illusion Concealer | I need under-eye bag cover-up allllll year round and this remains a favourite. Sometimes all I need is this to make me feel slightly more human, which is saying something.
Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum | I always neglect serums but when I remember I notice a real difference. Love the lightness of this for summer and works like a charm on pinkish skin after a day on the beach.
Fig & Yarrow Foot Balm | Because let’s be honest, scaly heels are gross, And feet require slightly tougher formulas so your normal moisturiser won’t make a dent on your cloven hooves.
Caudalie Divine Oil | Got this in a goodie bag recently and really love it. If you find body moisturiser a real chore (most boring maintenance task if you ask me), go for an oil. Quicker, longer-lasting and generally sexier.

Sandals | ATP Atelier
Bikini Bottomos | She Made Me
Sunglasses | Celine
Marble board | Holly’s Home
Coral | Antique shop in Brighton