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Net-A-Porter Sale Picks

FMN | Work Happy  - 10

Unlike Christmas, this phenomenon comes twice a year and in my opinion is just as worthy of a national holiday…

So without further ado, below are my favourite items now on sale on Net-A-Porter, ranging from 30-50%. If you’re like me and build up to bigger investments, this is a great time to take the plunge. I rely on designer sales for buying things like denim, timeless t-shirts, wedding outfits, boutique swimwear and accessories like boots and sandals. I already have my eye of Toteme sale pieces and ….

So here goes, let me know if you buy anything, if nothing else but to make me feel better about my shopping habit…Swipe through to see the pics and my notes on each piece…..

 50% Off

40% Off

30% Off